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Seabury Service and Glorious Georgetown! – Boston and Washington Community Service


Dear Friends and Family of Boston and Washington Community Service,


Unlike our previous weekends, we began our service on Saturday, volunteering with Seabury. Composed of both a residence and in-home services, the organization works to improve the quality of life of Washington area’s senior citizens. After a brief introduction at the residence, we left for Mrs. Ross’ house where we spent the day helping her organize her various belongings and beautifying her garden. The day proved to have many highlights as trip members worked passionately throughout the day. Corinne demonstrated an uncanny ability to pull weeds as she easily won our root competition. Leo took charge of the landscaping operation by wielding a steady hand on the lawnmower. Gabi consistently sought out opportunities to help and performed a variety of activities with aplomb, including weeding, raking and hedge trimming. One of the unique opportunities of the service project was the chance to speak to Mrs. Ross while completing our tasks. Angela spent the day listening to Mrs. Ross explain the significance of various items in her home and why they must remain in a certain location. Erica and Ariel displayed their mopping and sweeping skills throughout the home and by the end of the day the property was ready for a cover shoot in At Home magazine. After taking a group photo, Mrs. Ross expressed her gratitude to the group, thanking each volunteer for their amazing work over the course of the day.

The evening’s activities led us to the historical district of Georgetown, where trip members were tasked with completing a photo scavenger hunt. Divided into groups of four or more, trip members set off to explore the neighborhood and visit such sights as the stairs from “The Exorcist”, as well as the historic C & O canal towpath. While a little rain slowed a few competitors, the team of Ariel, Erica, Jenna and Sydney were the first to complete the tasks, and create a series of hilarious memories.

Sunday saw the group head down to Baltimore to watch the Baltimore Orioles take on the Toronto Blue Jays. By the early afternoon start, trip members chose to support the Baltimore Orioles. The afternoon was filled with lemonade and small talk between pitches by the time we headed towards the exits. After a brief sojourn at the Baltimore harbor, the group stopped for dinner at a nearby restaurant. As a trip leader, it was wonderful to see all of the trip members settle into their comfort zones. Tyler took the time to discuss with us some of his favorite Science Fiction novels. Amanda and Kelly bonded over their identical interest in the Salmon salad. Alex demonstrated her drawing abilities after the group conveniently requested crayons at the table. Leo and Josh proved to be unconquerable opponents in the table classic tic-tac-toe. With our stomachs full, the group headed home to American University in anticipation of our first day at the Boys and Girls club.

We hope you are enjoying yourselves as much as we are!

-Your CA6 Bloggerbw1 wash

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