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Screaming Louder Than the Howler Monkeys – Costa Rica Community Service

The latest from Costa Rica Community Service!

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Hello again to all our families and friends!

The last time we left you we were on our way to surfing at Flamingo Beach. Emily and Alex were naturals on the boards while Peter came in a close second to the ladies. We found ourselves getting up on the board and feeling like professionals.

The next day, we volunteered helping a local school by sanding desks and painting them for the students. Nikki worked hard while keeping track of how many desks we had sanded at the school while Jake created the softest and most beautiful desk out of a vandalized desk. That afternoon we went to Pencu beach where we relaxed in the ocean in a beautiful local spot and took in the beautiful sights of Costa Rica.

The next day we got back on the bus with our famous bus driver, Mao, to Travel to Monteverde. When we arrived we organized a soccer game. JP’s professional soccer skills were shown up with some serious skills by Anna, Alison, and Simon. The group started calling Sophie ‘the wall’ because of her stellar defense skills while Carly’s wild side came out.

The next morning, we rode to the coffee plantation where we were given the task of digging holes in between each coffee plant as a natural way to create fertilized soil for the plants. Peter and Alex excavated the biggest rock while they were digging, and Matt and Illana worked hard at digging all the way until our time was up.

That afternoon we went zip lining and were fortunate enough to see the top of the canopy. Alison and Alexa were partners sliding across the canopy while Mallery and Robin were the pair that screamed louder than the howler monkeys as they ‘zipped’ through the forest.

The day concluded with some time at the disco where Emily, Alexa and Micole were ripping up the dance floor. Traveling to La Fortuna the next day brought us to a large naturally heated hot spring. On our travels back to San Jose we saw monkeys, sloths and lots of amazing birds and other wild creatures like Gus that sported a pink child’s shirt for the duration of our travels.

We are back at Central Valley at the Hotel Monte Campana for our service project with the Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation. Speak to you soon for new stories and perspectives!

All the best!