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Sayonara from Scottsdale! – California & the Canyons

We left the flashing lights of Vegas and headed to Zion and Bryce in Utah. We were in awe with the vast rock formations as we drove to Zion National Park. We grabbed a quick lunch and then began our hike. The colors of the rocks were beautiful oranges/reds. Josh stayed in front of the hike the whole time. An early dinner and show was next at little Hollywood in Kenab. We all worked on our acting skills to reenact a Wild West show. Lulu, Alyssa, Alexis, and Lizzie did a great job at being saloon girls. Also Julia H. was a great wife for our pioneer. Even David worked on his musical ability as the fiddler. Our journey continued to our last campsite. We had some chill time around the fire and enjoyed star gazing. You can’t see stars like this in New York!

The next day we started off with hearty omelets. Ethan W. did a great job chopping the vegetables. He’s even thought about maybe cooking when he gets back home. We hiked in Bryce National Park for the morning. The views were spectacular! Then our one day program broke! The captains were Ben, Ethan S., Lexi and Wylie. The afternoon was full of competitions of red versus blue teams. During the Apache relay, Jacob and Ben learned that it was a lot harder to whistle while eating saltine crackers than they thought. Sante used his speed walking skills during the egg on spoon walk. Alix even strengthened her arms as she was the wheel barrow during the race to pull her team ahead. Lizzie separated M&M’s in coffee grounds with ease and won the race for her team. We then had a short capture the flag game before some down time. Dinner was delicious stir fry with chocolate fondue for dessert. An amazing sing along session broke out while we were waiting for the food to finish cooking. For our evening program, the trip members put on a roast of the staff. It was hilarious! Dylan imitated Oren and Jenna imitated Charlsie very well. We had our final camp fire for the summer and then headed to bed. Our next big stops were at the Grand Canyon and Sedona. The Grand Canyon was definitely grand! We had a nice hike with spectacular views. Our staff Sharon even told some of the trip members a little history behind the rock formations and why the canyon exists. In Sedona we had a bumpy ride with the Pink Jeep Tour. Elena reminisced about doing the tour when she was younger but didn’t remember it being so bumpy. She held on at every turn. Lulu, Wylie, Lexi, Sam, Olivia, Rachel P., and Hallie had an amazing time singing and cheering in their jeep. We stopped for some nice pictures both with the scenery and the Jeeps.
California & the Canyons
Now in Scottsdale, AZ, we have our final days. We won many tickets at Dave and Busters and soaked in the sun by the pool. Jacob, Cole, Massimo, Sante and Cameron enjoyed tossing a football around. Then our final banquet was full of laughs and tears. We reminisced about the summer and gave out superlatives. We also had a great dance party with the DJ.

This was a summer of a lifetime that we will all remember for the rest of our lives!

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