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Saying Hello! – California and the Canyons

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Hello family and friends of Trip 11- California and the Canyons!!

We are now finishing our stay here in San Francisco, and we had an absolutely amazing time! We’ve done lots of icebreakers, and as a result have been learning some new things about our fellow trip members.  Some trip members have met Justin Bieber, others have travelled to far away places like Europe, and others speak fluent Portuguese! It appears we are a very intriguing bunch!

We are also glad to report that along with these interesting backgrounds, our trip members are trying some new things on our trip as well. Rachel G. was the only trip member to take us up on our late-night swimming offer at the hotel. She  learned how to do some beautiful breast stroke because of it! Rachel is not the only member to have tried new things, our top-secret trip blogger caught Alex G., Sarah R., Alissa K., and Jordan S. trying some traditional San Franciscan cuisine at Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe at Fisherman’s Wharf.

We have been seeing some of the most famous landmarks in San Francisco.  All of the trip members seemed to enjoy the infamous cable cars, which we all learned are the ONLY moving National Historical Monument in the world!  We were also lucky enough to see an Oakland A’s baseball game, who were playing the Cardinals. We were there on a very special day, and almost every trip member got some free A’s gear like backpacks, t-shirts and lanyards (bonus!!!!).  Finally, we were able to go to Alcatraz, otherwise known as The Rock. Aside from touring the cells, the trip members were extremely fortunate to have met an actual ex-inmate at a book signing!!

In Sausalito, we played a game called Trade-Up. The trip members were given a pen, and asked to trade this pen for other things from local shops. All groups brought back things other than the pen we had given them. Most impressive was from Vicky G.’s group, who was lucky enough to trade their pen up to a vintage belt buckle valued at 120 dollars! WOW!

Finally, I will tell you a little bit about “VIP of the day”. Every day a trip member is chosen who has exemplified behaviour that is above and beyond our expectations of them. They are rewarded some special privileges like picking the music to play on our bus, or writing our daily schedule on the bus windows. I will continue to update you on our winners, and we have only had one so far. Congratulations to Zack C. on VIP of the day. Zack was incredibly friendly and welcoming to all trip members. He has made many friends as a result!

Anyways, that’s enough from me! We are off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow for a nice beach day. I’m sure I will have much more to report after that!

Looking forward to writing you again soon,

The Trip 11 blogger

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