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Sandy San Diego! – California & The Canyons

San Diego brought us sunshine and surfing. Upon arrival in the beautiful city we headed straight to the beach and geared up to take on the waves. While one group was chowing down on our amazing boxed lunches on the beach, the other group was in the water learning how to catch some waves. Though the waters were pretty calm that day, we did see trip members gliding on the sea as if they had surfed a million times before.  After stretching our arms after paddling to catch some waves we headed to Seaport Village where we ate dinner by the ocean and visited shops solely for mugs, magnets, and stuffed animals before enjoying an ice cream cone or two.

California & The Canyons Surfing

Sleep was much needed for our group and our perfect beds provided just the right amount of rest before waking up to see the San Diego Zoo in the morning. We rode on the top level of the bus tour, which provided the right view for seeing the largest animals in the zoo, the elephants and giraffes. We were very lucky to have come at a time when all three of the polar bears were out cooling off in the pools, though we did not see any movement from the Koala bears who spend anywhere from 20-23 hours of each day sleeping.

California & The Canyons in San Diego

The afternoon provided sunshine by the pool and preparation for the ultimate nighttime activity – LASER TAG! Although the high scorers of the night ended up coming from the staff, the whole group enjoyed the flashing lights and friendly competition.

After laser tag we joined in a circle as a complete group one last time to recognize the moments that helped us grow and made our summers. We gave each of our departing trip members superlative recognizing the funny moments that have helped us get to know them and kept our abs tight from laughter. Although saying goodbye is never easy, we were lucky to be a trip of 44 and experience all the Westcoast had to offer us! You will be missed as we continue on to Las Vegas!

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