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San Francisco Adventures!

Welcome back parents!

The last few days have been full of spectacular sights and events.

On Day 3, our last day in San Francisco, we visited Lombard street, the second most crooked street in the world, which had some great views from the top. Next, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped for a photo op to enjoy the famous fog of San Francisco!

Following the Golden Gate Bridge, we headed to the stadium for a Giants vs. Reds game, a first for many. We got to experience a prototypical baseball game, with cheering, food and a ton of team spirit! We also took the  initiative to start the wave, with the help of Jack and Kelly who were able to get half the stadium up on their feet.

After a delicious dinner at Steelhead Brewing Co. we went to the amazing Sky High trampolines. Everybody there had a ton of fun, jumping on trampolines, playing dodgeball, and jumping into the foam pit after an awesome trick. Aaron impressed all of us with some amazing tricks, and Alex W. did his first front flip into the foam pit.

The following day we made our way to the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Upon our arrival, we went rafting. Everybody got on the boat and made their way down the river, that was approximately 6 miles long! Lindsey and Connor really rocked the rapids, and everybody had a terrific trip!

Upon arriving to the campsite, we met our first campsite manager, Karl, who helped us with the tents, food, and joined in on several of our activities. Then we set up the tents that we will call home for the next 2 days. With some free time, a couple of people went to play some pick-up basketball where Greg and Sari really shined.

That night we had an activity, where we were split into new groups, and competed in several activities in order to get the most points. This activity helped us get to know each other better, and was really fun! Team CSI (Canada, the States, and Italy) won with their energy and creativity. (even though  everyone did a great job :)) Following the games, we had a bonfire with smores, where we heard the occasional “Could I get some smore?” quip from the kids.

The next day was beautiful and just the right temperature, so we headed to the beach. The water was extremely refreshing and mostly everybody took a dip into the crystal clear waters. While people were lounging on the beach, a group of people went to play volleyball, where there were some solid serves from a lot of the trip members, like Anna. That day we also split into groups and did tubing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. Amanda had a blast on her tubing adventure, while Zach got up for the first time when he went waterskiing!

In the late afternoon we went on a cruise on the beautifully decorated Safari Rose, where we saw some spectacular views of the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. We also passed by a beautiful tea room of a former castle. The views were amazing and definitely will not be forgotten any time soon!

We are now in Ventura, California, where we’ll carry on our camping adventure. We are also getting extremely excited as LA is just a day away!

Talk to you soon!

 The Westcoast Blogger