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San Diego Scenes & Service! – California Community Service

Hello Family and Friends of California Community Service CA1,

Day 8: Hammer and Nails

Today was an incredible yet pleasantly exhausting day. The CA1 crew headed over to a Habitat build site and helped out with construction on a home in the hills of San Diego. The whole team pitched in to help inch the Habitat home a little closer to completion. Carolina, Ryan, Anna, Zach, Conner, and Maya helped edge out the roof and add sub-roofing in preparation for the shingles. The team did an incredible job maneuvering on the roof and using teamwork to pass the boards and plywood along. Meanwhile on the ground floor, Nora, Megan, and the others added two coats of fresh paint to the house to make it look brand new! The day was amazing and certainly instilled a sense of accomplishment in the CA1 crew.

Day 9: Light up the Night

Happy Fourth! Today the crew was excited to spend the day at Shores Beach in San Diego and to be able to watch the firework display beach side. When we arrived, we spent some time watching the locals cliff jump into the water and swim with the seals that called the caves below us home. We had a quick lunch and headed over to swimming area. Gary, Zach, and the other guys hung out and threw the football while Ryan, Anna, Maya, and Amanda watched and took in the Cali rays.

For dinner the team decided on pizza and picked out a small spot on the lawn in preparation for the festivities. While we waited, they split up and played the “trade up” game. Starting out with a bag of chips, the objective was to continuously trade people while trying to improve your object. Conner and Jimmy managed to trade up for a light up play sword, while Carolina and team managed to trade up for a teenager (of course we returned him).

At last the fireworks started, and what a show! The team ended up right below the fireworks and had the best seats in the whole place! A wonderful day came to end by celebrating the Fourth of July with new friends.

Day 11: Welcome to LA!

The CA1 crew arrived in Los Angeles and what better introduction than spending a day at Venice Beach. What an amazing place! So many eclectic people and so much to see. The guys played some beach football and tanned while Amanda, Rachel, Avery, and Taylor did some shopping at the many stores along the beach. The beach itself was amazing, so much sandy goodness! After being at the beach and in the sun all day, the team needed a place to hang out and prepare for the next day, so off to West Field Village to see the sights and catch our breaths – a relaxing way to end the evening.

Day 12: Tolerance

This was a very sobering day. The team explored the Museum of Tolerance and learned about the Holocaust and other issues of hate plaguing the world today. We discussed the issue of genocide and bullying as current issues affecting our generation today. We also discussed ways that we could help, small steps towards a greater change. It was interesting to hear the viewpoints of Christophe, Gary, Carolina, and Conner, trip Members from Europe, Asia, and South Africa. The team felt heavy after our tour and knew that tomorrow meant volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club. We then headed to Santa Monica to wind down and prepare.

The Boardwalk at Santa Monica was amazing! A giant Ferris Wheel, roller coaster, and shops galore. The team rode the Ferris Wheel and then headed out to eat and see the amazing sights of Santa Monica.

Until next time! Hope you’re having as much fun as we are!

Lindsey, Heidi, and Patrick

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