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Saluti from Rome! – On Tour Backpack Greece, Islands, & Italy

Saluti from Rome!

On Tour Backpack Greece, Islands, & Italy has officially hit the ancient ground running, although we’ll save the marathon for its origin city in Greece.

Day one began with plenty of sunshine in welcoming the arrival of our trip members to Rome. As a mass sea of grey shirts and smiles, we made our way to our first taste of authentic Italian cuisine. Bellies full of pizzas, pastas and European charm, we ventured to Piazza del Popolo. The square was buzzing with energy as people browsed shops, chatted over shots of espresso and loudly debated the merits of the varied flavors of Gelato. We even lucked into catching a couple of songs live from a pop-up musical festival. Day one, and already getting into the local music scene; a Westcoast Connection record perhaps?

From the Piazza we made our way over to a nearby garden where we discovered Nikki and Avery’s impressive “gun slinging” skills in the name-game Bang. Spanish steps then set the scene to our first trip 64 photo shoot (on release in our June 2015 issue – get it online today!).

Papa Rex opened its doors to us for a dinner well beyond our expectations. If all 22 of us in togas doesn’t serve to complete the visual for you, add in servers in traditional ancient Roman garbs bringing food on trays ablaze. The whole restaurant was decorated in theme, but what really stole the night were the performances. Interactive opera singing matched with an accordion player enhanced the meal greatly. One of our very own resident pianists, Ben K, even got to join the musical performance for an impressive brief trial of the accordion.OT Backpack Greece, Islands, & Italy

Day two began with a breakfast offering up a feast of Italian pastries to complement your garden-variety yogurts, eggs, and fruit. Next up was a glance at the Trevi Fountain. Though not in operation, the sight was still one for sore eyes. Will the magic of the minimal water be enough to bring our trip members back one day?

Weaving our way through the colorful streets of Rome, we found ourselves at the Pantheon where we marvelled at the largess and ornate detailing of something made so long ago.

We bounced from Piazza to Piazza as we walked through the city center enjoying the warm weather and simply knowing we were finally here. Our summer of backpacking Italy and Greece had arrived!

We finished the night off at the top of Gianicolo Hill overlooking the entire city. The architecture. The lights. The feel of Rome.

Until next time, arrivederci from On Tour Backpack Greece, Islands, & Italy!

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