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Sa-wa-dee – Thailand Community Service

Sa-wa-dee from Thailand!

Our trip has been off to an incredible start! Since our arrival, we have been all over the city of Bangkok.

Our first full day included a tour of the city via multiple forms of transportation. Rachel and Sammi were huge fans of the tuk-tuk ride. We also traveled via paddle boat, jet boat, sky train, and by foot. We visited sites such as the Golden Buddah and the Reclining Buddah, and enjoyed some fresh phad thai from the restaurant that invented it. Meryl and Lauren K. can attest to the fact that it was delicious.

While visiting the Kings Palace, Perri and Carly made friends quickly with a group of local students and snapped a group photo with them. Although we don’t speak the Thai language, it is amazing that we can all communicate via a smile.

While visiting Khaosan Road, we were able to experience some of the music and lights of the night market. The restaurant we ate dinner at had a pool table, and Eric showed us how much talent he has at the game!

The following day, we traveled to a floating market. Haley B. was one of the first girls into a boat paddling around with a guide, learning about the local foods and how to make coconut sugar. From there, we continued around the Maeklong area.

Have you ever seen a fish flap across a railroad track? You can ask Abby or Becca all about it! While visiting the railway market, a catfish flopped right in front of them from a street vendor. This market was unique; a few times each day, a train comes through the center of the market. As it does, the vendors grab all of their goods, move them back a few feet, and then place them back perfectly within a few seconds of the train passing. Ali and Lauren F. snapped great pictures of this!

We finished this day by eating dim sum at a local restaurant. Jeremy really loved the black bean cakes! All of the group was adventurous and tasted many Asian favorites. Afterward, we all went back to the hotel and played a fun game of “password.” Jordan’s team was really creative… after all, its pretty hard to get someone to say a given word without saying “starts with” or “sounds like.” Georgia was really good at giving clues, while Andy and Hayley H. were quick to pick up on the correct answers!

We have a ton to look forward to! You will definitely hear more from us soon. We have one more full day in Bangkok, and then its off to the north to begin some of our service projects. Talk to you soon!

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