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Rolling Down Las Ramblas – ON TOUR Backpack Spain & Portugal

Hola Otra Vez!

We kicked off our arrival into Barcelona with the grand modern marvel– none-other than the Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished church masterpiece. We all stood in complete awe to its magnificence! Each student certainly took something away from that experience! Next, with the winds to their backs and the sun upon their faces, the group had the opportunity to cover more ground and explore some of Barcelona’s most beautiful and popular sites by bike on a guided tour visiting all the top sites including Barceloneta Beach, Montjuic Mountain, the Olympic Stadium, and more!

An enjoyable stroll down Las Ramblas street was a big hit for all, and we took full advantage of visiting this bustling strip several times. At one time Castilians would use this area to sell small pets, but now, it is one of the most popular tourist avenues to dine, shop for souvenirs, and admire the work of local artists. Most of the trip members found themselves either bartering for gifts or enjoying some of Barcelona’s most delicious treats! One could say with assurance that we have all had our fill of gelato and fruit/chocolate stuffed crepes on this adventure!

OT BP Spain & Portgual in Barcelona

If all that wasn’t enough, would anyone care to learn how to cook one of the most honored dishes of Spain? Yes, paella! The group thoroughly enjoyed the experience…, as well as devouring their creation! Our cooking skills have certainly improved on this trip. They additionally created some tasty gazpacho and a Castilian-style creme brûlée for desert. Que rico!!

The next morning we headed over to the revered Parque Güell, while enjoying a musical sing-a-long score by a handful of the girls. Let’s say it was soothing at times, and entertaining at others! Created by Gaudí, Park Güell originated in the 1900 as a miniature garden city of houses for the wealthy. Though the project was abandoned in 1914, the existing completed grandeur makes a huge impression and was lovely to stroll through.

OT BP Spain & Portugal in Cooking Class

Later in our journey, banked along Las Ramblas, we explored St. Joseph’s La Boqueria Market. We relished in this multi-sensory delight with some of the freshest seafood, produce, and meats to enjoy! Further, no trip would be complete without a healthy serving of artistic expression. To which point we had an opportunity to explore both the Salvador Dalí and Picasso Museum’s, with ongoing humorous commentary from some of the boys, but let’s not also leave out our visit to the majestic Barcelona Football Club Museum, located in one of the world’s largest stadiums, Camp Nou. Most of the trip members/soccer fans basked in the history and presence of the large stadium, which holds 100,000 people. We even got to see the original trophies, jerseys, soccer balls, and cleats worn by some of the world’s greatest soccer players.

Our last full day in Barcelona was spent soaking up every bit of sun we could at Barceloneta beach, and testing out our volleyball skills!  We enjoyed a final group dinner all together, and said our goodbyes with trip ceremonies tonight. Many of the trip members are already making plans for their next adventure and reunion!

Until then, adiós y hasta luego!

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