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Rocking Through Big Blue Waves – Hawaii Community Service

Hawaii Community Service writes from the Islands.

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Our community service trip in Hawaii is off to a great start, and we wanted to share some of the wonderful things that have happened to our group in the last 5 days!  

Everyone arrived on Tuesday to be met by a very excited group of three counselors: Cayleigh, Jillian, and Ben. With colorful leis around their necks, everyone greeted each other and played some name games to get to know each other. Nicki started everyone off on the right foot by spear heading the decorating of our common room to make us all feel more at home!

On Wednesday, we headed to see the beautiful Honolulu waterfront and enjoyed the views from a catamaran cruise where we got our first taste of fun in the sun! We all had a chance to chat and get to know each other as we rocked through the big blue waves… and the experience was topped off by an exciting show from a group of dolphins! Kayla, Jamie, Liza, and Danielle were super excited to have up close views and photo opportunities with our new friends- what a thrill!

Thursday and Friday marked our first two days of community service. We spent the days at the Boys and Girls Club, organizing programming for a group of local underprivileged children. The Westcoast campers were absolutely amazing in their ability to get right in there with the kids and make lasting memories as they went. Some highlights include Mattie running Simon Says, Julian and Zac playing a spirited game of dodgeball, Marcine getting creative with facepaint, JD teaching the kids to play ultimate frisbee, Ali running a game called, “follow the leader”, Brandon S. encouraging the kids to play soccer, and Brandon C. leading games and sharing his hilarious dance moves!

On Friday we also managed to fit in a hike to the well known Diamond Head State Monument. Katie and Lauren H. energetically led the way, and everyone’s hard work paid off when we saw the breathtaking views of Honolulu from the top of the monument.

Having had a number of busy and challenging days, Saturday was a fun and relaxing day that we spent at a waterpark. After dinner, we indulged in a round of mini golf, where Natalie, Marjorie, and Lauren B. showed off their skills and humor!

We have another excited day planned for Sunday. We are going to be visiting Pearl Harbour and also enjoying a tour of the Dole Pineapple Plantation… complete with a pineapple maze!

Mahalo! (Thank you!)

The Hawaii Community Service Staff Team