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Roaming Rome – ONTOUR Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

Salut da Roma – Greetings from Rome!

Buongiorno!  We successfully arrived in Rome in the early hours on June 30th after longs flights from New York and Miami.  Rome is a gorgeous city with much to see, so we cured the jet lag by powering through sleepiness and keeping busy! First stop from the airport: Piazza del Popolo and the Borghese gardens.  For dinner, we visited the fabulous Papa Rex for a gladiator inspired Toga Party, where we feasted while Sean and Sam were serenaded by an Opera singer.

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians at home and on the trip! Liana and Ryan celebrated by adorning themselves with a Canadian flags and stickers while out and about in Rome. The second day’s schedule was packed with visits to the Vatican, Coliseum and the Forum. We took plenty of opportunities to practice our photography skills, with Jakob W. capturing several panorama shots. Sean informed us that the Coliseum has not only been used for land-based battles, but was also filled with water to accommodate sea battles with ships.

BP ONTOUR Greece, Italy & the Islands in Rome

Our second evening was spent in Piazza Navona, a gorgeous and famous piazza that is filled with fountains, street vendors and performers and the streets are lined with quaint restaurants and cafes. Dinner destinations received rave reviews, with Carly insisting she had the ‘best gnocchi ever’.

The Pantheon was impressive, and allowed for some unique photo opportunities within the unique lighting of grand dome structure.  After reconvening within the columns, Carly took the navigational reigns, seamlessly guiding us to Camp de Fiori for lunch. In the piazza, we were pleased to discover that the market stalls were still in full swinging, and enjoyed some fresh fruit and shopping before dining at the local restaurants.

BP ONTOUR Greece, Italy & the Islands in Rome

Our last evening in Rome was spent in Trastavere, a lesser-known area with wonderful restaurants and street vendors. After pre-dinner explorations, we were lead to a restaurant by ‘Tripadvisor’ connoisseurs Jake M., and the restaurant did not disappoint!

Special shout outs to Isabel, Justin, and Jake M. for their superb restaurant research and selection.  We continue to make friends and family jealous with our foodie IG (Instagram) posts.  Gelato has become a staple, and Max K. found his favorite gelato place, only to be disappointed when he could not find it a second time around. Every meal seems to outdo the last, and be the BEST [pasta/pizza/caprese] ever! We are still excited to eat more pizza, and hoping to try an espresso.  Nicole and Jennifer cannot wait to try a cannoli in Perugia.

Chiao, for now!

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