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Riding Waves – Costa Rica Community Service



We are nearing the end of our Costa Rican adventure and we are determined to make these last two days in the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park count!

After wrapping up our first few days of community service our celebrations and adventures began. Beginning with some fun filled Karaoke that brought out the musical stylings of Allie and Riley performing Miley Cyrus classics for the group. We also cannot forget Alex, Matt and Jack who stole the show with their electric rendition of Party in the USA.

The following morning we headed out to the pier to take a luxurious catamaran to our beach day destination; Isla Tortuga. Nichola, Claire and Trip Leader Taylor entertained all of us with a variety of riddles and group games we all enjoyed while sun bathing on the boat deck. All trip members could not contain their excitement as we approached the island. The beach was surrounded by towering cliffs and palm trees and the weather could not have been more perfect. After a refreshing dip in the water Leigh, Elyse and the boys found themselves in a competitive game of beach volleyball that was decided by a diving spike by Jack securing the victory. After a few hours in the sun we sailed back to the pier and rested our selves for the next day.

After 5 days in the Central Valley, we traveled to the quaint beach town of Tamarindo on the pacific shores of Costa Rica. We were all given a surf lesson by the Iguana Surf School Instructors. We quickly learned that surfing isn’t the easiest sport to take up, but Emma N., Lily and Annabel proved to be naturals. It wasn’t uncommon to turn around and see one of the three of these ladies riding a wave like pros. Afterwards we settled into our new hotel in Tamarindo and had dinner at a local restaurant where almost all of the trip members chose to enjoy the delicious Arroz con Pollo dish that was unanimously decided to be the trips best meal!

After some relaxation and fun activities it was time to take on another community service project. The project involved completely painting a newly constructed home for a less fortunate Costa Rican woman living in the countryside. Jessica and Rachel began work on painting the exterior of the house a bright purple. Inside the house Nannie, Julia, Emma S., Nicole and Alyssa got to work and finished the living room and kitchen floor to ceiling at record setting pace. Lea, Jamie and Emma B. took charge on painting the bedrooms. With support from the rest of the trip members and staff the house looked immaculate and ready to move in after just two half days of work! We were so thrilled to see the fruits of our collaborative labor on one sole project. A lot of the trip members expressed that this was their favorite community service project so far.

Next we head to Rincon de la Vieja to explore the Costa Rican landscape and we could not be more excited. The end of our trip draws near but the experiences, memories and friendships will last a lifetime.


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