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Riding the Waves in San Diego – California & The Canyons

Hello wonderful friends and family!

Our time in LA has been exciting to say the least. We began our days in the land of the rich and famous at Universal Studios. Ethan R, Jason, and Edison loved the King Kong 3D tour. Alyssa decided to ride the infamous “Mummy” rollercoaster and conquered her fear of heights, while Emma, Anne-Sophie, Jaime, Alex, Nina, and Zoe loved the spooky haunted house.

After our fun filled day of touring the stage sets and exploring the park, we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe. We enjoyed the delicious meal and had a great time pretending that Micheala was Brittany from Glee. Later, at City Walk, our first celebrity was spotted …Jay Leno! Corey, Sam D and Daniel got a picture with the famous tonight show star!

The next day, after heading to the eye-opening Museum of Tolerance, we lightened up the mood at the Improv Comedy Club, where Craig Robinsons urprised the crowd with an impromptu hilarious performance. Ethan S was lucky enough to get a shout out from the celebrity! Along with Ethan S, Pierre’s witty remarks to another comedian left the crowd cracking up.

Still laughing the next day from the jokes from the night before, we ventured to Venice Beach. Devon and Jonah really enjoyed the different shops, while Seth loved the collection of sunglasses at every stand. Later on, we ended the amazing day at Manns Chinese Theater. Pedro loved seeing Michael Jackson’s star among the others.

We ended our four day stay in LA at Disneyland! Tyler K, Tyler M, and Eli M loved the Space Mountain roller coaster, while Hannah and Allie loved the amazing fireworks! Beth and Isabella had a great time introducing themselves to the happy Disney staff and asking if Disney really was the happiest place on Earth.

The next day, in beautiful San Diego, we went surfing! Gabriel, Maddie, and Sarah G had an amazing time learning how to ride the waves, while Carrie and Sarah L had fun playing in the ocean.

We capped off our stay in San Diego at the world famous San Diego Zoo! Sam F and Tori had fun sitting on the top of the double decker bus on the tour of the zoo, getting a birds eye view of the amazing elephants. After the tour, on their way to the panda bear exhibit, Brittany, Cara, Danielle, Emily, Jordyn, Olivia, Rachel and Taylor stopped by to check out the pink flamingos. We headed to laser tag, where Kaila surprised us all when she was ranked 7th out of the 28 players. Along with Kaila, Sam A’s sneaky positioning resulted with him ranking 2nd out of 28!

Right after laser tag, we had a surprise for Eli C’s last night with us. In-N-Out Burger!  After five years, Cliff was ecstatic to hit up the well known restaurant! Ben and Eli O loved their burgers, while Asher bought a cool In-N-Out T-shirt.

We had a great couple of days and are so sad that we only have less than a week left. Keep checking in and enjoy the photos!

-Amanda, Dana, Anna, Shelby, Duncan, and Billy

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