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Ride the Rails in Mont Saint Sauveur

Quebec’s Mont Saint Sauveur is in the process of installing a brand new Alpine Coaster, the first of its kind in Canada, and this summer, the Eastern Expedition will have the opportunity to ride the rails!

Riders twist and turn through rugged mountain terrain in a series of step descents and circular curves. Passengers can control the speed of the ride; adrenalin junkies can race through the track at speeds of over 20 miles an hour while those wanting to appreciate the surrounding scenery can move more slowly.

The new coaster is scheduled to open this winter.

Check out a video here or the park’s website here.  It certainly looks like a blast!

The Westcoast Blogger

And for those wanting some more technical information:

• Ascent length: 1,500 feet

• Descent length: 3,560 feet

• Total length: 1,5 km

• Approximate maximum speed: 22 mph

• Duration of the ride at 15 mph: 5.5 minutes

• Maintenance-free stainless steel tubular rails

• Tracks height : between 3 and 20 feet above the ground

• 45 toboggans

• Ecological integration of the equipment

• Greatest possible safety: derailments excluded by track guides, brake levers on both sides and safety belts.