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Relaxing Rimini – On Tour European Experience


Welcome to Rimini!

Rimini is a small beach town located in Italy along the beautiful Adriatic Sea. We got to spend our first afternoon in Rimini on the beach where some people relaxed, some went for a refreshing swim in the sea with paddle boats that had slides attached, and some played volleyball on the beach. That evening we had a fantastic meal at Bounty where we enjoyed a true Italian style meal: appetizer, salad, first course, second course and a dessert! It was a competition to see who could eat a true Italian style meal! Then we headed onto a double decker bus, played some music and headed over to the disco: Life. As soon as we got into the disco everyone was having a blast! Everyone joined around in a circle while dancing and singing every word, to EVERY song! Jess, Amanda N, Alana and Annie were some of the top performers for the girls and Jack was one of the top performers from the boys! We danced and sang the night away until we couldn’t dance and sing anymore!
The following morning we had a sleep in! As we slowly woke up, got breakfast and headed out for some lunch in the beautiful beach town of Rimini. Eva and Amanda enjoyed a delicious gelato smoothie while Georgie and Ali enjoyed some gelato with fruit toppings! Yum! After we enjoyed some lunch, we got to spend another glorious day at the beach! We couldn’t have asked for better weather in Rimini! After a long day at the beach, we needed a relaxing evening. We ended our stop in Rimini with some dinner, mini golf and gelato. What a way to go out! We had a great couple relaxing days in Rimini and rested up for our next stop: Rome!
Ciao for now!

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