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Red Speeding Corkscrew Coaster – Eastcoast Encounter

The Eastcoast Encounter checks in from Cleveland!

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Hello Parents of Eastcoast Encounter!

On our first evening in Cleveland, our tour played whirlyball, a blend of bumper cars, basketball, and lacrosse. Everyone is in a bumper car and carries a scooper. There is one ball, and each team has to scoop and throw the ball at a hoop and backboard. Jordan did a great job passing, Kate enjoyed driving the bumper cars, and Alex D. specialized in scoring.

Our trip must have the record for birthdays during the tour! Our last birthday was a big one. We celebrated our tour director Amanda’s birthday on the 16th. Before heading to Cedar Point, we got the kids ready in front of the bus with a cupcake and candle in hand for Amanda. The group loves all the birthdays because of all the dessert that comes with them!

Cedar Point was with perfect sunny weather! The kids enjoyed running around from ride to ride in this roller coaster rider’s paradise. Nicole S. Perri, Emily, Mario, and Alyssa loved the roller coaster Maverick, which was a red speeding corkscrew coaster. David and Mason both won basketball prizes at the skill games.

Alex D, Rachel S, and Allen have been our recent Lobby the Lobster winners. Alex got it for his energy and skillful Whirlyball skills. Rachel got it for her kindness to other tripmates and overall attitude! Allen received Lobby for helping out with cooking and different tasks.

On our roadtrip to D.C., we played the name that sitcom song game! Our tour director Amanda played a CD of sitcom songs to see if kids could guess them. Pamela was an expert, getting most of the songs right. The popular sitcom songs included Friends and Fresh Prince of Bel Air!
On our first night in Washington D.C., we took a tour of monuments and memorials. They enjoyed and were moved by the Lincoln Monument, the Korean Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Vietnam Memorial. Gabby, Sarah, and Mason enjoyed seeing the Lincoln Monument.

With the trip winding down, our kids continue to enjoy each and every day to the fullest. Be on the lookout for the next update coming soon!

All the best,

Eastcoast Encounter Staff!