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Recap of Life on Costa Rica Spanish Language Immersion

Hola! Here goes the first update for our language immersion trip in Costa  Rica. We have already done so much and we are excited for what’s to come. After arriving in San Jose and being greeted by our guide Mauricio, we immediately were immersed in the culture as we tried our first tropical fruit the granadilla! After resting in our hotel, the next day we left for our journey in the rainforest. The beautiful landscape and the warm family that we stayed with made for an amazing experience. Mama Rosa was a hit! She is the nicest lady ever. We learned about the ecosystems in the rainforest, the animals, and about the medicinal properties of plants. We also did a lot of adventurous things, like climbing trees, waterfall repelling, and zip lining. We were really proud of Halle, and a lot of other trip members, for making it all the way to the top of the tree, and impressed with Rachel   St. for her amazing efforts with the waterfall repelling. Zoe was a little scared of heights, but she was brave enough to do the zip lining and she loved it! We are having an amazing time so far, and learning lots of Spanish! We’ve been talking to locals and to each other in Spanish, and improving a lot! We will be in touch and until our next update! Adios!