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Ready for the Canyons! – California & the Canyons

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Dear Friends and Family of California and the Canyons,

I am writing this as we head from the warmth and the bustle of Las Vegas towards the captivating scenery of Bryce Canyon, Utah. Let me tell you, the past few days in San Diego then Vegas have been nothing short of remarkable.

We began our stay in San Diego by enjoying a delicious lunch on the beach catered by the famous Boudin Bakery. Shortly thereafter, the first of two groups of trip members were suiting up in wetsuits and receiving surfing lessons from our awesome surf instructor Dewey. While Dewey took the first group, others played some football and volleyball on the beach. The sun shone brightly over the pacific as the trip members took in the good times and beach vibes. Eventually, the second, more advanced group took their lesson, and Ella proved to be a natural at surfing, riding a wave on her first try! We then headed to dinner and enjoyed a quiet night at the hotel in San Diego.

The following day, we headed to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, where trip members were able to see a wide variety of animals from all over the planet! Trip members ventured through the zoo, visiting polar bears, giraffes, panda bears, lions, tigers, chimps, and much more. That night we headed to play laser-tag where trip members  ventured through the laser-tag arena, as they used their smarts as well as power-ups to play a legendary few games of laser-tag.

We then headed to Vegas and Trip members were blown away by the monstrous hotels and busy streets as we drove through it on our way to the Monte Carlo. We then headed to dinner for a scrumptious Italian feast before heading to the strip to check out the Bellagio and its magnificent fountains.

The next day, we headed to the Stratosphere to check out the panoramic view of Las Vegas as well as ride on some of the world’s most exciting thrill rides. For example, Hayden and Mitchell were spun wildly on the “Insanity” as they were suspended over Las Vegas. We then checked out the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace where trip members grabbed some lunch.

That night we took a stroll over to New York, New York, to ride their famous taxi-themed roller coaster and were all thrilled as it twisted and turned, went upside down, and zoomed through the Las Vegas skyline. After, we headed over to the Coca Cola Store and M&M World where trip members customized their own M&M’s and found Coca Cola onesies!

Our trip is slowly winding down, but is primed to end with many great adventures and celebrations. The next few days in the canyons should certainly be an incredible time for us all. Bryce, and the Grand Canyon should be beautiful at this time of year.

We will update you again in a few days.

-The Westcoast Blogger