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Pyramid Building, Egg Racing, Balloon Shaving and Frisbee Throwing – California and the Canyons

California and the Canyons fills us in from Vegas and the Canyons!

The Westcoast Blogger

Viva Las Vegas!!!!! Our Nevada stop was one we’re never going to forget, between thrill rides, buffets, arcade games and so much more. Our stop began with riding the Stratosphere, which scared Dani M. but she was so proud she did it (and got a great picture of it too). Samantha liked the ride because it was fun and really cool to see the whole city. The next morning we did a Las Vegas classic–the buffet. After a filling morning, we went over to Caesar’s Palace for site seeing and exploring. The moving sculptures amazed all of the campers. We also relaxed by the Monte Carlo pool, rode in the lazy river (Skylar and Alex F.’s favorite!) and swam in the wave pool. Our night was spent in another city that never sleeps…we went to NY, NY for dinner and another roller coaster adventure. Rosita and Alberto loved the roller coaster in NY, NY so much they rode it twice! Jake really liked NY, NY because it was “a comedic attempt of what home looks like”. Our night wasn’t over yet, we went over to Gameworks for arcade games as well as M&M and Coke World.

We left Vegas but the excitement did not stop as we were off to Zion and Bryce Canyons. We looked out at Zion Canyon and was amazed by the view and never ending desert. After Zion, we experienced a great Chuckwagon Cookout. We enjoyed classic all-American foods and acted in a mock cowboy scene–and got a great group shot of us all dressed up in country attire.

The next morning we started off with a pancake brunch and then headed off to hike one of the United States treasured national parks–Bryce Canyon. It was a challenge but all of the tour members were proud when they completed it including Nicole and Lisa who really enjoyed it–the views were worth it.

After our hike the staff had a few tricks up their sleeves. The tour members thought the day was over but little did they know that there was a group competition ahead! After lunch our Michael Jackson and Madonna impersonators showed off their dance moves and broke the trip up into their teams. Paige, Daniel, Paulina, Ben, Allie, Brad, Lauren, and Alex K. were chosen to lead their teams to victory and the events were scheduled to begin the same evening. We started with an Apache relay and events included pyramid building, egg racing, balloon shaving and frisbee throwing. MJ’s team beat out Madonna’s by only a few seconds.  Then everyone had 15 minutes to prepare their chant and Madonna evened out the score. The last event of the night was a trip trivia, with the winner being Madonna. Our competition still has a few more days left and we are all eager to know who will be crowned the King or Queen of Pop. We ended the night with a delicious treat (Lindsay loved it!) and went to bed so we could conquer the Grand Canyon the next day.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated about the finishing touches of our trip!

The California and the Canyons Staff