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Pizza In The Piazza – Backpack Greece, the Islands, & Italy

Welcome to Italia! Our plane landed in Rome and we were all excited to start touring the city. We walked along the cobble stone streets to the Borghese Garden and Spanish Steps. We got to know each other with a few games at the gardens, and then headed out to our first Italian lunch around the Spanish steps. Julia, Emily, and Lauren all showed off their impressive photography skills, capturing the classic Italian architecture, landscape, and of course, the food.

The next morning at the Coliseum, Seth, Zach, Hunter, and Jason were the first to the top, exploring the enormous ruins and imagining the gladiator fights down below. Claudia rivalled our professional tour guide with her impressive knowledge of the Coliseum’s history. (Did you know it was once filled with water for boats to battle in?) Savannah, Abbe, and Carly unanimously agreed that the Coliseum was their favorite part of Rome. After the Coliseum, we headed to Vatican City. We all hoped to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis but settled for the Swiss guards in their quirky uniforms. Mitchell, another history buff of the group, was thrilled to go see Michelangelo’s artwork in real life on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. For dinner, we enjoyed a Roman performance, complete with song and dance. Lauren, Claudia, and Julia danced to the accordion music, while Paige, Abbe, Mitchell, Kelly, and Gillian started a conga line and got everyone up and moving. After dinner, our trip director, Rich, led a game of Ninja outside the lit-up St. Peter’s Basilica. It was a close game, but Jason proved his stellar ninja skills in the end.
Backpack Greece, the Islands, & Italy
For our final day in Rome, we explored the caves leading down into the Roman catacombs. After descending underground to see the ancient Roman tombs, everyone was ready for lunch at the Piazza Navona. We hung out in the piazza watching the street performers, enjoying pizza, and taking in the sunny weather. From there, we walked over to the Pantheon. Sara, Sam, and Hannah were especially in awe of its size and beautiful interior. At the Pantheon, Ally led the whole group to an amazing gelateria, and everyone enjoyed the unique flavors. On our way home to the hotel, Robin,
Jessica, Nikki, and Mackenzie all threw coins into the Trevi Fountain,
wishing for good luck and the chance to return to Rome again in the
future. Later, we wandered through the winding alleys of Trastevere for dinner, and Joe led the way up a small hike to Giancolo where we caught a great view of Rome by night.

This morning we arrived in Perugia! We are already enjoying the charming city and can’t wait to spend time amongst its delicious chocolate, rolling hills, and musical atmosphere!

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