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Pictures with Ghandi – European Experience

Trip 49 sends us a line from across the pond!

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Dear Parents of European Experience Trip 49,
Our first stop, London, was truly amazing and a great start to our trip.
Trip 49 has many fantastic personalities, including our staff, who we got to learn much about after a “get to know the staff” game.  After learning about the tour members, as well, it is apparent that we are a diverse bunch: John, Andrew, Evan, Jackie, Corey, Dylan and Justin from Canada… Natalia and Ana from Mexico … Krissy from England and Stefen from Brazil and of course the United States. Not only are we getting to travel throughout Europe, we are also getting to make new friends from throughout the world!

On our first night, we got to see a complete aerial view of the city from the London Eye (a giant ferris wheel). What an incredible sight! Brittany and Shelby were nervous but thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were anxious to tour the city to see the sights up close.

The next day we had a guided city tour, where we were able to see some of London’s most famous attractions. From the Tower of London, where we saw the awesome Crown Jewels and our wacky tour guide decided to use Heather to explain just how king Henry used to dispose of his wives, to Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard, to the authentic red telephone booths, we were amazed by these things that some of us had only seen on television or in the movies. Krissy even taught some of the other tour members the British lingo and Layne served as the unofficial tour guide.
After our day of touring, we had dinner at the original Hard Rock Café. To our surprise, that same night happened to be our bus driver, Erwin’s, birthday. We celebrated by getting him a Hard Rock Cafe shirt. As always, the Hard Rock Café provided good music, delicious food and musical legends. When dinner was over, we headed for the theatre to watch Wicked. Not only was it a really great show, it was so exciting to experience London theatre!  Morgan and Rachel were so into it that they were singing the songs during the show!
The following day we got to experience the lively shopping districts of Camden Market, Harrods, Covent Garden and Carnaby Street.  Among the many exciting local Entertainers, we had our very own trip 49 street performers, Andrew B. and Jonathan W.! They were quite the spectacle, drawing much attention with their costumes and silly antics.
Madame Toussauds wax museum was really fun to explore. Sasha, Heather, Justine and Yui pretended to be cheerleaders with Zack Efron from High School Musical. Lexi, Brett and Parker took a picture with Morgan Freeman and Melissa and Carly took a picture with Ghandi.

Our last event in London was the tour and story telling of Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer. Our tour guides boosted the thrill with their scary tales. Many of the tour members were  asking great questions, especially Jackie M and Ali.  Leaving London is a bit sad for the group as we have had such a great time here but we are so excited for the sights of Paris!
Although you are all missed dearly we are truly having a great time and couldn’t think of a better place to be!
Nous sommes en route à Paris et nous sommes tellement excités!!
More to come soon.
Love, Trip 49