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Perfection in Progress – California Community Service

Fun in the sun!

To Friends and Family of California Community Service CA6,

We have been having a great time! In addition to doing community service activities, we have been able to take in the sites.

It was a great surprise that our day at the beach included both bike riding and scooter riding!! Meredith and Merri took advantage of this opportunity and hopped on the scooters. Some of the trip members even got to take panorama photos of Hermosa Beach at the end of the main pier which proved to be beautiful. The water was refreshing and Chase, Zack, Matt, Daniel, and Paul played a great game of water football amidst some exciting waves! Angelina was a trooper and went in the water both at Venice Beach and Hermosa Beach.

Universal City Walk was so much fun! After eating a delicious meal at Wolfgang Puck we had time to explore. There is so much to see and the girls ran into Brendan Robinson from the TV show Pretty Little Liars!! He was nice enough to take pictures with Livi, Meredith, Merri, Cassidy, Talia, Victoria, Sloane and Katie.

On our first day of community service we cleaned up the backyard of the Boys and Girls Club location in Long Beach. We made a lot of progress and will continue by starting a mural project tomorrow. We also created a fire pit by moving wooden logs around an iron cast fireplace and we made a patio out of unused mosaic stones. Our creative juices were certainly flowing.

We made a stop at the UCLA gym on Monday night. The facility is incredible! It has a rock climbing wall, a full judo room, a dance studio, and quite the number of exercise machines. Everybody had something to do – Matt, Chase, Dylan and Zack played basketball and Victoria burned sixty two calories on a stationary bike. Talia and Meredith got to witness the rock climbing wall being built which is certainly an involved process.

We are all looking forward to the days to come.

Stay tuned for the next CA6 update!

Danya, Lauren, and Alen


Fun in the sun!



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