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Patriotism Celebrations in Cali! – California and the Canyons

Rise and shine…it’s Cali time!!!!

We started off the 4th of July with amazing singing of the star spangled banner on the bus which was decorated with red, white and blue.

Our first stop was bowling where we had all of the lanes to show off our skills. Jack scored 134 and Dylan got three strikes in a row. We all had great team spirit as high-fives were shared all around. We ended with a cookie social where we decorated cookies to represent the United States. Max decorated a cookie that most represents the American flag with strips and sprinkles for stars.
We then walked some famous landmarks of San Francisco. Our hair blew in the strong wind as we walked part of the Golden Gate Bridge and our calves got a workout as we climbed up Lombard Street. We were even lucky enough to be able to walk up the curvy turns of Lombard Street because it was a holiday. While trip members went around in groups for dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, they also played a trade up game. Each group received a pen and their goal was to keep trading the pen to end up with the coolest item. Groups came back with a hat, perfume, keychains, new headphones, a granola bar and hilarious stories. We ended the night with gorgeous fireworks over the bay with Alcatraz in the background.

Our next day was full of travel and rafting. We had many first time white water rafters such as Lexi, Hallie, Elana Olivia and Alexis. Though there were a few nerves when we first got in the boats, cheers and shouts for more rapids could be heard all over the river by the end of our 11 mile trip. The boat containing Massimo, Sante, Jack, Sammie, Scott, Will and Cameron ran aground and a lot of team work was used as well as cheering to help them down river. Paddle high fives were given in every boat. Ava loved the rapids and Daria couldn’t stop laughing as she kept bumping up and down. We had a delicious picnic before we boarded for the remainder of our journey to the campsite. We arrived, organized our tents and then enjoyed some time to play sports, enjoy an evening program and a warm bonfire.

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