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Pasta, Pesto & Pizza – European Experience

An update from European Experience!
Our family continued our exciting journey as we traveled to our second country, Switzerland. We took a train to Zermatt, a small town with no cars. After settling into the hotel we had a group dinner at Snow Boat where we were entertained by a music playlist created by Jackie and then headed to a billiards bar. Lydia and Hannah challenged Trip leaders Matt and Reed to a game of pool, and though they lost they had a lot of fun. Jordan K and Spencer then challenged Matt and Reed to a game and once again the trip leaders reigned supreme. Meanwhile, Jordan W., Katie, Melody, Melissa and Amy enjoyed authentic Swiss hot chocolate while Noah, Jonah and Danielle played one another in darts.The next morning the skiers and snowboarders had an early wake up to hit the famous Swiss Alps. Lindsay Was. had some trouble releasing her T-bar from her jacket but laughed her way through the struggle.  Dylan, Paulina B. Rachel G, Sawyer and Katherine sped down the steep slopes. Those who didn’t ski or snowboard enjoyed a relaxed morning where they slept in and took a gondola ride to the top of the mountain to see the Matterhorn and meet up with the others. Noah, Paige and Zach snapped pics at the top of the mountain. Later that day, we enjoyed some time to explore the city of Zermatt and then split into small groups for dinner. Following dinner we headed out where Danielle, Becca, Evan, Annie, Jordan K, Perry and Billy danced and enjoyed our final night in Switzerland.

The next morning, we traveled to our first city in Italy, Venice. Lindsay Wax., Tara and Carly posed for pictures on the Vaparetto as we headed to enjoy our first authentic Italian meal. Trip members raved about their delicious pasta pesto and margarita pizzas. Rachel M wished she could relive the meal over and over. Following the meal we were given free time to explore Piazza San Marco, where Amy ran into her family friends.

The next day in Venice we explored the Jewish Ghetto which included 4 ancient synagogues, and learned about the history of the Jews in Venice. Jackie enlightened Brian about the differences within Judaism, and then he, along with Stephen A., Jonah, and Steve F. laid taffilin. We then stopped at the Murano Glass Factory to see a demonstration of a flower vase being made. After lunch we split up to explore Doges Palace and shop the city. Jenna, Marlee, Paige, Paulina B and Hannah were a few who enjoyed their visit to the palace. Of course, no tour of Venice is complete until a gondola ride. Noah, Lindsay Wax. and Lydia chatted while Jamie and Katie snapped pics of the narrow canals. The day ended with small group dinners and then we returned to the
hotel to pack for our trip to Rimini. We can’t wait to hit the beach!

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