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Parting is such sweet sorrow…

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Dear Parents,

This blog entry is bitter sweet as it is our last one for the trip, but we have so many great memories to share. We completed our final service project at a primary school in Flamingo yesterday. As part of our beautification theme we helped sand, and paint the outside of the school which is in a remote area of Costa Rica. The sanding and prepping took about half the time then we began painting and completed almost half of school! Aysa and Rebecca both taped the doors and painted the decorative borders while Carly, Gabby, Amelia, Emma, Jamie, Brooke and Scott sanded and painted the court yard walls. Kelsie, Renato, Alfredo, Connor and Dave helped prep the walls for the next WCC group coming through. We were lucky enough to be able to see a group of the students practicing a folk dance in one of the empty classrooms. Also, Alfredo provided us with tunes to paint.

For lunch we headed to the beach and sipped on passion fruit juice and ate enchiladas , hamburgers and of course rice and beans. The beach was sunny and the water felt fantastic! We all got the opportunity to soak up some rays and relax after our hard work at the school. Back at the hotel Amelia and Laura raced in the pool before heading to dinner and the disco. We are all getting spoiled with our fresh fruit drinks at each spot. For dinner we slurped down watermelon and guava juice before our meal. As soon as the music started our group was on the dance floor! What a day- several of us fell asleep on the short ride back.

We awoke to frosted flakes and rice krispie cereal in addition to our fresh fruit plates and eggs and toast. Rebecca was beyond excited and took creative liberty of her breakfast by combining the two. The morning truly began as we walked onto the bus sporting our patriotic, red, white, and blue sunglasses in honor of the fourth of July. The bus ride was quick thanks to Emma’s great playlist. Upon arrival to the hotel, Hacienda Guachipelin, the locals playing music on their xylophones and being handed fresh papaya juice added to the excitement that had already been brewing during the ride. We headed straight to the ziplining after lunch and after we received our safety class Scott was the first to take the challenge. Any fears he had were clearly dissipated. He couldn’t wait to get to the next wire. Even Rebecca, who had zip lined before, marveled at the view of the river below her. After 7 rides through the forest it was time to horse back ride. All it took was kissing sounds and a light kick and we were on our way. Renato mentioned that he loved the connection between himself and his horse, Pavito. Carly’s horse trailed behind for a bit but being the quick learner she is she managed to speed up to the front of the pack. At the end of the ride we were greeted by one of the most beautiful views yet, a crystal blue waterfall. It didn’t take long before everyone was swimming under it as Alfredo captured pictures with his underwater camera. The gauchos were kind enough to be ready with towels for everyone when we got out. It was difficult to pull Kelsie away from the awesome cascade.  We ate dinner at the hotel, but not before Emma and Rebecca pulled some limes from the trees outside the rooms. After working hard to select food from the varied buffet, we were ready to compete in a friendly trip competition. Asya and Amelia practiced their cart wheels, Connor and Renato their sit ups, and Jamie and Gabby their bubble blowing skills in our ultimate race. Emily sang the national anthem and led team blue to victory. After the games, we all gathered together to reflect on our experiences and the individuals we have met. When the clock arrived at curfew, everyone slept soundly to the sound of cicadas with an excitement for the mud baths and hiking the next day.

We truly have had a magical time and know we’ve shared an amazing trip with amazing old and new friends! By time you read this we will be bunking down for our very last night before our flights back home. We are excited to see our ‘real’ families but truly sad to see this family break apart.

“Things may come and go, but all my life you’re friends of mine.” -CSN

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