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Paradise Found In The City of Prague

Dear Parents,

It seems that it was just a few hours ago that we boarded our planes and, filled with excitement, left our home time zones behind us.  Since then, we have started to bond, the foundation of a family has formed and our trip is off to a fantastic start!

Upon arrival overseas we took to exploring immediately, marching around Prague’s Old Town where we discovered many of the sights that makes the city one of Europe’s “hidden gems”.

Over at Prague Castle, Aaron impressed our tour guide by answering questions about the “Defenestration”, while Ben showed off his knowledge of European history.

 That evening, we were front row for a “Black Light Theatre” performance, and some of us got even closer. Jacob and Jonathan were called on stage to be part of the show! Jacob got to be part of a golf skit while Jonathan caused all sorts of trouble, receiving a lot of flirtatious attention from the show’s female lead.

After spending a day in Prague’s Jewish quarter, the group showed off its athletic prowess at our evening of bowling. Katie bowled our first strike of the night, setting the tone for the rest of the trip members. Even Emily B. got involved, proving that she could indeed bowl without the bumpers! Looking for more excitement, we found a spot to catch  the U.S.A-Belgium soccer match! Despite the disappointing loss, Brianna led the crowd of onlookers in the “I Believe” chant, which certainly kept all the American supporters on their feet.

 Yes, Prague surpassed even our highest expectations! The rich culture and beautiful architecture of the city kept our eyes glowing and our cameras flashing! It gave Emily H. and Alexa a chance to be princesses with local street performers, and also gave Justin a new found love of Kebabs. We will certainly miss the city, but there are plenty of more places to come!

It’s now off to Austria and Slovenia, where more adventure surely awaits us! We hope you’re enjoying your summer, as much as we are.

 The Westcoast Blogger

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