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Overjoyed In London! – European Discovery


European Discovery checks in from London!

After some exciting ice breakers at the airport where we learned each other’s names and what kitchen utensils described us best, (Samantha D. was a spork, Sabrina would be a fork, while Sydney D. was definitely a whisk) we were on our way to London.

All flights were very smooth and everyone was glad when we arrived in London for a great day of activities and sightseeing.

Before we boarded the bus, everyone was handed a playing card and the same number/color pairs sat together on the bus as a way to get to know each other better. Rebecca was happy to meet new people and shared her anticipation for Paris with Carly and Hailey, while Erika was excited to make a new friend on the bus.

We explored Portobello Market and played fun games at the nearby Athlone Gardens. Everyone loved the Rock Paper Scissor Challenge, where trip members played rock, paper, scissors with a partner and the winner moved on while the other members chanted their name till the end. Erin was victorious and everyone chanted her name with enthusiasm!

Dinner at Wagamamas had something for everyone, no matter what their preference! Daniel K. loved the noodle dishes and vegetable gyozas.

Later on, everyone was overjoyed by the views of the city from the London Eye. Anna and Bianca took lots of pictures and marveled at the sights of Big Ben and Parliament. Avery and Aja jumped at the opportunity to get their picture taken by the London Eye camera. Sydney B. thought the view was breathtaking, while Sarah was super excited to load her camera up with pictures of her friends and the sights.

Day 3 started with an amazing tour from one of London’s certified tour guides, Liz. She was quickly admired by trip members for her quirky personality and ability to capture their attention. Ethan and Harrison actively participated in the tour and added to the conversations.

We stopped for a quick lunch outside of the Tower of London, near the Tower Bridge that suspended the Olympic Rings for the 2012 London Olympics, where Jeffrey was able to eat authentic fish and chips. While Ilyssa and Amanda ate at a local restaurant where they enjoyed sandwiches and coffee.

Next came the tour of the Tower of London. Griffin enjoyed looking at the various suits of armor by the many Kings of England, while Raimy, Adam and Andrew were looking for the mother of all diamonds in the Queen’s scepter in the Crown Jewels exhibit.

Dinner that night was delicious, at the original Hard Rock Cafe. Corey H. had a great time taking pictures in the classic English-style phone booth outside of Hard Rock, along with Michelle.

And we are off  to see the Wizard! Melissa and Sam D. saw the theater show Wicked for the first time and thought the musical was spectacular.

When we got back to the hotel it was time for Derek’s debut. He brought down his guitar for a jam session that everyone enjoyed. Molly and Blakely were enjoying the show, while giving song suggestions.

Day 4 in the United Kingdom brought some new celebrities to our group. Trip Director Adam and Jared posed as wax statues for some unsuspecting tourists, while Jonah and Zach became part of the paparazzi at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Jordan and Daniel M. got close with the Queen, Prince William and Kate in their photo shoot. Also, Corey T. and Daniel C. got a taste of what it takes to be a super hero during the 4D Marvel show.

Emily and Sydney K. were Queens of the Westcoast Connection official “move” of the summer under the globe at Carnaby Street. They led the group in performing the dance moves for everyone to see before we headed off to Covent Gardens for dinner where Frankie shared the secret to Europe’s best chocolate “Galaxy”.  Samantha Sc. completely agreed with that statement and talked it up all evening as well. We were finally able to realize the glory of what Frankie kept raving about in London.

A great end to our London stay was the final group activity where all the trip members got to ask as many questions to the staff team as possible in three minutes. Perri, Alexa and Samantha Sh. took full advantage of the opportunity to create questions to ask, while Evan awaited the boys activity where he learned all about the push up challenge.

Farewell till next time!

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