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Our Journey Through Ecuador-Ecuador & Galapagos Community Service

We have been having  an amazing last few days!

After leaving Quito we did a two day stint south of the capital city in Latacunga where we hiked Cotopaxi, completed a service project and visited a food market.

One our way to Cotopaxi, we stopped for a picnic lunch provided by our guides. Jacob S., Brian and Erica S. shared a cup of colca tea which we were told would help us adapt to the high climate. We continued on the bus and stopped again to pose for pictures where the whole group took advantage of beautiful scenery, yet again. We began our long ascend to the tea house where along the way Ethan and Erica A. were challenged by the tough weather conditions  but successfully trekked through. Matt and Sammie proved they are capable of accomplishing more than they even knew they could as they reached the top with smiles on their face. While catching their breath, the whole group met at the top to celebrate their accomplishment over a cup of hot chocolate and a group photo to mark the special occasion. Overall it was an amazing day and definitely one of the highlights of the trip thus far.

For our service project, we travelled to a senior’s home in Latacunga where Sam, Carly P. and Meredith painted nails and Carly G., Noa, and Callen made bracelets for the elderly.  Carly E. and Roy spent quality time with some of the seniors while Jason and Alex read newspaper articles in Spanish to others. We finished off the afternoon with a variety show which included two dance groups, a singing performance from Margot, a flute solo from Alex, a skip rope routine all put together by our director Jacob A.

We also visited a local market in Latacunga that provided fruits, vegetables, spices and meat for the people of the community. Kayla and Victoria covered their noses and ran past the donkey and pig heads as well as the hanging chickens while Daniel and Pierce enjoyed examining the livers, brains and cow hearts.

Stay tuned for our next blog coming shortly where we will tell you all about our jungle adventure!

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