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Our Journey through the Birthplace of Pesto, the Mona Lisa and Ferrari Cars-Backpack Italy

Wow! Italy is amazing! Hi everyone back home! We wish you could be here with us in the hot Italian sun, enjoying pasta and pizza, and figuring out the trains as we journey through the birthplace of pesto, the Mona Lisa, and Ferrari cars!

So far we managed to stay awake through a long travel day from North America, to Milan, to our hotel in La Spezia. Stephan helped us navigate from the train station to the hotel. Ariana, Darian, and Nikki kept in good spirits and were very ready for dinner at La Lanterna in the evening. Some trip members like Tiana and Michael G were adventurous and ordered the local specialty of deep fried seafood. I think the mini octopus is still wiggling around in Tiana’s tummy!  Luke tried out his culinary skills and invented the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and parmesan cheese sandwich as an appetizer. 😉 Jordan B and Drew both fell in love with the authentic Italian tiramisu for dessert, while Brandy discovered the chocolate panna cotta.

Caroline, Lindsay, and Alexis were up bright and early and excited to see the picturesque town of Vernazza, the starting point of our coastal hike through Cinque Terre. The hikers rose to the challenge of the seaside path, and were rewarded by a swim at the blissful beach town of Monterosso at the other end. Zach and Helen couldn’t get enough of the water and swam out to say hi to Ally, Erin, Jordan G, and Katie on their sea kayaks. Justin gave the girls an impressive vocal performance in the water and he may have gained a few fans. Michael M was smiling after eating his T-bone steak at a beachside restaurant for lunch.

The sun kissed group returned to their abode in La Spezia and prepared for the train departure to Venice the next day. No one would have suspected just how invaluable it was to have Jared as part of the team as we faced some inevitable obstacles with the Italian train system…  To be continued…

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