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Our Farewell – European Discovery

European Discovery London

As our final night comes to a close we got the chance to look back upon our fondest memories throughout the last month. We shared many laughs together and more importantly traveled Europe as a trip. Our final night does not sum up the time we have spent together. Each moment as a group has been indescribable, each bond made, each friendship gained has left us with a lifetime of memories to cherish. In our final destination, Nice, we got the chance to relax, dine as we wish, bathe in the sun and go on some wild tubing rides. The beautiful water of Nice was captivating and a scenic place to spend our last hours together. As night approached us, we packed our bags. Out of the numerous times we packed to venture to our next country this time packing was different. The folding, the tiding and the struggle to zipper suitcases was in preparation of leaving Europe and leaving a summer we will remember forever. Dining for our last time as a group wasn’t based off the quality of the food we ate or anything else for that matter, the fact that we were in each other’s company was all that mattered. The counselors sang, the campers each were given an award and we enjoyed one last gelato stop. Finally, out trip took one last walk together our next one being our daunting trip to the airport. We admired the beach over the midnight sky and shared our memories holding symbolic string. At the end of this activity, we broke the string. This didn’t break our bonds though because after 29 days, 8 countries nothing could tear our trip apart.


European Discovery London

European Discovery Florence

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