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Our Adventure Continues! – American Voyageur

American Voyageur Surfing

What a great week we have had….

We started off our 2nd day in San Diego with a much awaited twin day. Valerie and Sydney T. went all out with goggles, floaties and matching shirts. Sydney M. and Haley P. were Mickey Mouse chefs, and Becky, Jackie, Liv, and Emily wore matching shirts and Minnie Mouse ears. At the San Diego Zoo we saw pandas, tigers, monkeys and even polar bears. Allie and Jarett were especially excited to see the elephants. Alec B. took a funny video of an orangutan swinging on trees and stepping on hippos.

In the afternoon, we went to the beach to learn how to surf. Lindsey couldn’t wait to ride the waves. Spencer, Jordan and Emily got up tons of times and cannot wait to surf again soon. A group of us even surfed while sea lions swam by!! Matt B. couldn’t stop digging for sand crabs on the beach while other trip members jumped and swam in the Pacific.

To Sin City we went and were all ecstatic to be in Vegas and see all of the lights on the strip. After dinner, we had a chance to walk around the Venetian hotel and feel like we were on the streets of Italy. Justin L., Vanessa and Liv had some gelato and others window shopped at all the fancy stores. Next, we walked to the Bellagio to watch the water show and then continued down the strip to our hotel to see all of the other hotels and Vegas craziness.

We headed to the Stratosphere in the morning to check out the rides 1,000 feet above the ground. Hannah V., Courtney, and Amanda rode the Big Shot, and Haley P. and Jenny rode Insanity. Caesars Palace was one thing everyone was looking forward to for some shopping and lunch. After Caesars, we hit up the pool at our hotel. Ben K., Zach B., Will and Justin H. had a great time in the wave pool and lazy river. We went to New York New York for dinner where many of the trip members felt like they were at home. For our evening activity, we rode the roller coaster at New York New York. Joseph and Brian really enjoyed the coaster that had amazing views of Vegas.

In the morning, the staff surprised the trip members by introducing a trip competition!!! All of the trip members were shocked and psyched for the games to commence. We had 4 teams, red, blue, black and white, each with one girl captain and one boy captain. Alec B. and Liv are the red team captains, Justin L. and Lauren are the blue team captains, Joseph and Sydney T. are the black team captains, and Alec S. and Lindsey are the white team captains.

After lunch, the teams were separated in sections on the bus and we played trip trivia. We had a great time reminiscing about all of the memories and events that have happened throughout our summer together. Blue team won this first event and it was apparent that everyone was in great competition spirit.

The Chuckwagon Cookout was definitely one of the more unique stops on our trip. Cowboy Alan assigned us all roles to play in a short movie directed by the staff at the Cookout. Liv and Mitchell were the wagon masters, Alec S. was the good guy, Scott was the bad guy, Alec B. and Dylan R. were the coyotes and everyone else played Indians and soldiers. We enjoyed a great home cooked meal and then headed to Bryce and our last camping stop…on the way, Sydney T. and Zach B. knew almost all of the answers to “Name that Tune.”

The next day, we hiked Bryce Canyon to see the amazing views of the red rocks of the canyons and mountains in the distance. Everybody was so excited and wore crazy outfits representing their teams. After lunch, it was time for more competition….. We played clothespin tag, had a rock, paper, scissors tournament and then finished the afternoon off with an apache relay. Spencer, Matt S., Matt D., and Jenny ran the batons from station to station for their teams while the captains kept up everyone’s momentum. In the end, the red team won the relay after a very close bucket brigade.

That night, we had team practice for songs, dance and skit and then had a silent dinner. Almost everyone was able to stay quiet the entire time! The Top Chef Dessert challenge took place after dinner. Each team created a dessert for each staff member/judge. Justin L. presented every plate in a very professional matter, and the black team stood like wait staff to impress the judges.

We are on our way to the Grand Canyon and are still wondering who will win our competition….Time will only tell! We will update you in our next post.

American Voyageur Surfing

Over and out,

American Voyageur Staff