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One Last Hurrah – Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Community Service

Hasta Mañana Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Community Service Parents!

Sadly our last day in Ecuador has come and gone, and we hope that you are all enjoying having your sons and daughters back home with you!  Our last few days had been filled with so much fun and adventure, we can’t believe that we’re already back home.

During the last leg of our trip, we had the opportunity to play soccer with the Boy Scouts that we had helped build a recreation center for. Danni almost made an amazing goal, but the goalie was a bit faster! Lisa amazed us with her natural talent, and was frequently requested on teams. Other noteworthy players were Russel, Kyle, Matt, Sam R., and Josh. We all had a good time and were great sports after the Ecuadorians showed us up – even though they were dressed in jeans rather than soccer gear!

In the Galapagos we had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach and the water. We had the chance to try out surfing, many of us for the first time. Our surf instructors were very patient, and their hard work paid off. Morgan, Andrew, Josh, and Alex C. all successfully stood on their boards. We had quite a few almost get up, but it was harder than it looked! Everyone cheered from the beach for those that fell and those that gracefully surfed. After surfing the boys played a game of American football on the beach. Sam B. showed off his quarterback skills, and Sam R. made a few interceptions. The girls took lots of pictures and enjoyed being near the ocean. We voted and Samantha definitely gained the most color. Everyone wanted to get a nice tan- but don’t worry, we didn’t forget the sunscreen!

On our last day in the Galapagos we took a boat ride and snorkeled in two different spots. On our first stop, we saw a sting ray and a puffin fish! Haleigh and Alli were ones of the first to jump in and enjoy. At our next stop we saw some sting rays, turtles, and so many other kinds of beautiful creatures – even some jelly fish!  The place was amazing! Alexandra and Jacki couldn’t stop talking about all of the sea life they were able to see. On our way back to shore we saw over fifty dolphins. Crystal got a ton of pictures, and Rebecca jumped in to try and swim with them. It was awesome that we saw so many! The Galapagos ended on a amazing note, and we know that you will hear all about the memorable stories and adventures that took place here in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands!

Until we meet again!

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