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On Our Way to the Home of the Matterhorn: Zermatt – On Tour European Experience

OT European Experience at Mini Golf

Dear Friends and Family of European Experience,

We just left France, eagerly heading to Switzerland, anticipating new and exciting adventures. As enthused as we are, we can’t help but be a little blue to leave such a lovely place.

Paris was unbelievably grand and the trip members were ecstatic to see the Eiffel Tower. The night we arrived, we saw the tower from a lookout where the lights of the tower glowed. Justin said it was amazing to see such a famous site. At twelve on the dot, the entire tower lit up and twinkled in the night sky. Renee said it was straight out of a dream.

The next day we went to see the palace at Versailles. This was Gaby O’s favorite part so far. She loved visiting a place where she knew so much about its history. Later we visited Sacre Coeur, had dinner in the area and concluded the evening with a boat tour along the Seine River. Ryan loved the sights and Andrew appreciated the history and the beautiful scenery. On our last day in Paris, we had a guided tour of the famous Louvre museum, where Michael S was excited to see the Mona Lisa. He enjoyed learning about the history behind many pieces of art at the museum.

From Paris, we went to the alpine village of Annecy, in the Rhone Alps. We were all delighted and pleasantly surprised as we had no idea what to expect from this place that most have never heard of. Peri and Elizabeth described it as a cute, quaint little town, “the Venice of the Alps”. They said it was picture perfect and the lake was as blue as the oceans in the Caribbean.  The first night we went for a delicious dinner where we were able to cook our own meats at the table. We were very excited to have this unique experience.

The following day went on a bike tour around the lake. This was Julia, Stephanie and Jess D’s favorite part. Jack, Kyra and Ariel loved the views. Ben and Evan said it was like nothing they had ever seen before and it was one of the best experiences of their lives. The non-biker chose to go on a boat tour on the lake. Lianne and Asher loved seeing the surrounding areas and the amazing waters. After lunch, we spent the afternoon by the lake. Nicole loved swimming with her friends and being bordered by endless mountains. Jacob and Danielle found it so relaxing to spend time at the beach.  That night trip members were able to go to dinner in groups of their choice. Jordan liked that he was able to bond with his friends and Brian J loved trying new dishes.

European Experience - Biking in Annecy
On our last day in France, we were thrilled while white-water rafting in a river at the base of the French Alps. Gaby O and Lizzie loved it. Everyone seemed to have an incredible time!

Jessie B and Allison B are so happy that everyone is getting closer and our group has the feel like a family…And it’s only been 11 days!

As I write this, we are currently driving along a mountain road in Switzerland, on our way to the home of the Matterhorn, Zermatt. The views are already spectacular.

Until next time,

The Westcoast Blogger