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Once Our Ohana, Always Our Ohana – Australia & Hawaii

Aloha from the Island of Oahu!

Boy was it ever a climate change for us. The minute we landed, we immediately changed from our Sydney clothing and warm cozy plane-wear to our red hot beach attire. Trip 71H enjoyed a nice afternoon in the Honolulu before we headed to dinner.

Our first real day in Hawaii was a big one. Right after sunrise, we enjoyed a wonderful tour at Pearl Harbor where our TM’swere amazed by the USS Arizona. Jonny stared at the boat in astonishment questioning how it still remained after all these years. Our kids had a chance to walk through small museums and ask several questions to the guides. On the way home, we enjoyed the beautifully warm sun as we hiked up Diamond Head National Park. Jordyn and Jeremy helped lead the group and Olivia and Stone took the most beautiful photographs on top of the hill. They look as though they are part of the clouds. A half hour up hill as well as a half hour downhill and a couple hundred stairs was no big deal for our hikers!

The following day, we enjoyed a lovely snorkeling boat cruise. Not only did Eli spot a squid, but several sea turtles were found as well! Nicole S. also decided to explore the Hawaiian waters. Zach, Adam, Brandon and Jared dominated the water volleyball competition at the Sand Bar.

On our final evening, we enjoyed the amazing Luau where Maddie and Ben enjoyed a new Hawaiian coconut treat. Natalie showed off her Hula moves as well.  We spent the night on the beach with our yarn game where everyone shared a special moment about the trip and we all got to keep a piece of it.  It was a very emotional night and everyone contributed his/her special thoughts.

Not only were the amazing activities truly memorable on trip 71H, the amount of talent on this trip was uncanny. Towards the end, we had several moments on the beach where Jeremy was serenading the group and several people on the beach would come by and listen. On our “party bus” on the way home from the Luau, every one of our members chanted our morning song and our audience was in awe with all of our talent. Even on the way home in the airport, Chris led our group with our morning song once again and the whole airport stopped to listen and clapped along.

Everyone learned so much on this trip and became a better person for it. Although trip 71H has said their goodbyes, goodbyes are not forever. We sing together, we laugh together and we enjoy all of our moments together. Goodbye for now, but not forever. We will miss you all so dearly.  As our morning song is titled One Day, trip 71H, One Day we will see each other again as our paths will cross once more. One Day our Ohana will meet again.

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