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Oh the Places You’ll Go! – Florence Pre-College Enrichment

Oh the Places You'll Go! - Florence Pre-College Enrichment

Eppur, si muove!

There is a special calming quality to the Mediterranean, and this geographic location is unlike anywhere else in the world. The soothing water is able to pacify the surrounding chaos and life flows at a different pace. We all feel so lucky to be in Sorrento, and the laughter and giant smiles are a testament to the wonders of the Amalfi Coast. Sam noted that our time in Sorrento, Capri, and Positano was the highlight of the program, and that nothing could be better than relaxing next to the Mediterranean. The views from the cliffs are majestic, and our time in the Campania Region of Italy was truly magical.

For many of the students, the best part of the program was visiting the island of Capri. Early Sunday morning we hiked down the cliff in Sorrento to the ferry, which took us out into the Tyrrhenian Sea toward Capri. Hannah and Nicole B. stood on the outdoor deck of the ferry and snapped pictures of the sharp cliffs that make the island so unique. Once we arrived at port, everyone hopped on the funicolare that shuttled us to a higher elevation and Capri town. Every student looked out in amazement at the view.

PCE Florence Touring Pompeii

As we explored the area that makes up Capri town, we also found the gardens that overlook the Faraglioni. The view of the rocks spiking out of the water created an excellent moment for a group photo op, and Callie emphasized that she “couldn’t wait for the boat ride that afternoon.” All the students had time to explore the town, and each student came back with exciting news. We found a place that had phenomenal lemonade, which is something Capri is known for because of their giant lemons called femminiellos.

That afternoon we sailed around the island and stopped at two locations for swims into the cool Mediterranean water. Our second swimming spot was notable because we all had the opportunity to swim into a grotto (cave), which is a rare occurrence in Capri! Our journey by our own private boat by water was incredible, and seeing things like the Green and Blue Grotto while relaxing in the sun only made this day more memorable.

The fun continued into Monday as we ventured out to Positano. We were especially excited for Positano because of the well-known beach, and it was a day of complete relaxation. Once we arrived, everyone made the short trek over to the beach and started soaking up the sun from their lounging chairs. The water was cool and crisp, and we were able to capture some candid moments. In addition to lying on the beach, many students took time to explore the town that rests peacefully on a hillside. Every student was thrilled with what the day had to offer, and many students said that they couldn’t wait to head back to Positano in the future.

That night everyone enjoyed dinner in Sorrento and had time to explore the local shops. Everyone navigated the tiny streets that help construct the unique town, and we all shared stories while eating gelato. The night was a perfect ending to our time in Sorrento, and we all were ready to head North to the Lazio Region.

Tuesday quickly arrived, and everyone packed up to head to Pompeii and Rome. The ruins of Pompeii left many students surprised because they were preserved so well. The vast archeological site that stretches out over 170 acres created one of the most educational moments of the trip. We were astonished that the entire city was buried under 20 feet of ash, and all of us learned about the unique characteristics of the city.

We have safely made it to Rome, and are excited for the wonders of The Eternal City.

For now, tutto é bene che riesce bene!

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