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Mountains Were Overgrown by Enormous Trees and Beautiful Wildflowers – Northwestern Odyssey

An update from the Northwestern Odyssey.

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“Suddenly I See,” by KT Tunstall roared throughout the bus, guiding us past towering structures towards Pikes Place. Exiting the bus, we were immediately engaged by our 1st landmark: the original Starbucks; lens opened and flashes cascaded amongst our group. Crossing the street, we entered a breathtaking farmer’s market; scaly sea dwellers flew from the vendors, an abundant array of fruits and vegetables demanded a taste, each shop appeared more unique than the next. “It was just a fish market,” Billy E. recalls, “but there were so many people crowded around, I was really impressed.” Filling our bags with artistic trinkets and posters, we journeyed onto the Experience Music Project and Space Needle.

The Jackson Five greeted our group, yet their music was only a tease as we toured this interactive museum. “ It felt like the real thing,” Taylor M. commented, “I enjoyed learning new instruments and new songs.” Sara L. added, “Learning to play an instrument that you have never played before was the experience for me.” We found ourselves overcome by a tower of guitars and mini recording studios that held a variety of instruments; “Playing around with the instruments was the best part, I even got to keep a recording of my work,” Rachel T. adds. Apart from the musical experience, Jim Henson’s The Muppets occupied a section, the walls dripping with original sketches and ideas from the beginning as well as Jim Henson himself detailing his process and motives. The Space Needle provided us with a gorgeous view of this vibrant city; as we exited the elevator, baby blue sky encompassed our perspective. The city below transformed into simple building blocks, attempting to reach us; only a simple helicopter reminded us of the reality.

Gameworks that night refueled our engines; dinner was delightful, but the fun began immediately after. “Popping music was a game like no other,” Rose W. remembers. Our day revolved around sightseeing, yet night was dedicated to old-fashioned entertainment, competition and neon lights.

“Splish, Splish… Splash,” echoed across Puget Sound as our kayaks drifted away from the dock. Our relaxing yet scenic adventure afforded us the gorgeous landscape of the cityscape. Grassy knolls were teeming with residential architecture and as we ventured further, the skyscrapers of the city rose to greet our yellow and orange vessels.

After kayaking, we boarded a rare tour bus on the Seattle: Duck Tour. Our car/boat swept us throughout the city on land and in the ocean. “The duck tour was mad crazy fun,” Julia B. laughs, her smile emphasizing her words. “Seeing where Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee were buried was really great and the driver was so comical,” Max D. says, reminding his friends, as a several laughs bounce off the bus windows. Bucca di Beppo was the perfect conclusion to our day, as platters of a delicious chicken dish and cheese ravioli warmed our stomachs.

Whistler is magnificent. The ski slopes at the peak glistened in the sun as skiers and snowboarders alike sped down the mountain. The summit gave us a spectacular sight on either side; the mountains were overgrown by enormous trees and beautiful wildflowers. As some of the group skied, the others were privileged enough to take a similar ski lift, the new Peak to Peak that just opened this winter. “It was so beautiful, I got to throw snow ball,” Steven J. explained. That night we conquered Whistler village, walking through the quaint little town that beams with life throughout the night.