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Miley Cyrus’ Ho-down Throwdown on TV – The Adventurer

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Good Day Adventurer Parents,

Finally a chance to provide you with some updates of our shenanigans in Ventura and L.A.! Things are going great and we are moving into the last quarter of our trip, starting with La Jolla beach in San Diego this afternoon.

Ventura turned out to be an interesting and relaxing two-night stop on our way to Los Angeles. It was also an excellent place for Josh to celebrate his birthday! Although the Pacific Ocean was a little chilly, Josh, Daniel, Kyle, Jordan, Sammy, Andy, Dylan, Simon, and I courageously played in the waves during our afternoon on the beach. What a great way for Josh to celebrate his birthday – it was the first place where we had the opportunity to swim in the ocean! Meanwhile, Michelle, Gill, Jordan, Sonya, Daniel, Corey, Olivier, Adam, Max, Jesse, Brad, and Kyle rented some bicycle cars (4 wheels; 4 people; powered from peddling) and toured around the scenic area. In the evening, we had a program called “Make me Laugh”, in which tour members tried to do or say things that would make each other smile or laugh. We finished off the night with a delicious birthday cake and lots of noise in celebration of Josh’s birthday.

Moving on to L.A… Our very first adventure was to the X-Games (a surprise for many, thanks to Erin Alexander’s family)! They had tons of free stuff at this place: LemonHead and WarHead candy, shoelaces, lip balm, and Disney bags. At the Disney spot in the park, Fab, Julia, Alanna, Nicole, Shawna, and Stef actually went up on stage to present Miley Cyrus’ Ho-down Throwdown on TV! The park also had some BMX and skateboarding tournaments going on that were broadcasting on ESPN. Finally, Matt wanted me to inform you all that he received a free, green, Disney, RECYCLABLE hat (pretty cool)!

We arrived at our hotel in L.A. on Thursday afternoon, only to find that CSI Miami was being filmed right across the street! Josh was one of the few who got pictures for evidence. The Comedy Club at night was hilarious to say the least. The comics particularly enjoyed picking on Tyler, Sammy, Sonya, and Simon (our Tour Director).

Disneyland on Friday was awesome – great rides, great shows, great weather, and great people! The Disney Parade in the afternoon was exceptional – Lindsey, Shawna, Nicole, Stef S., and Sydney even joined in for some of it and danced with the characters! Space Mountain and Indiana Jones turned out to be the most popular rides for our group.

The L.A. Foodbank on Saturday morning turned out not only to be a lot of fun for all of us, but also very rewarding. Los Angeles is the city with the most homeless people in America, with over 73,000 homeless every night; most of whom are women and children. During our service with the food bank, we sorted through peaches, cabbages, and tomatoes; we weighed the produce and boxed it. We all truly appreciated the opportunity to give something back to the community during this incredible summer experience.

Universal Studios complimented the rest of the day nicely. Our tour of the studios was very cool. We were given the opportunity to see the set for Desperate Housewives, Jaws, The Grinch, and the Fast and the Furious – some of our favorites. Once inside the actual park, everyone raced for the Simpsons, Jurassic Park, and the Mummy rides (all very innovative). In the evening, Kristina DeBarge performed a concert at the Hard Rock Café on the CityWalk (where we ate), of which Miriam, Vero, Sonya, and Sydney took advantage. They even got her autograph!

Sunday was another busy and eventful day in L.A., which started off with some free time on Venice Beach. Here we were surprised with a multicultural parade, which was neat. The Museum of Tolerance provided us with some very powerful messages and every single one of us was extremely intrigued by what we saw. We even had a discussion period with a man who had experienced prejudice and harassment because of his sexual orientation. He was very impressed with the participation and interest of our group. Jordan, Max, Ben, Nolan, Steph, Daniel, and Daniel were only some of the tour members who asked very pertinent questions.

Hollywood in the evening was amazing. It was cool to see Michael Jackson’s star on the Walk of Fame as well as many other celebrities’. The view from the area was also great, especially because we got to see the famous Hollywood sign! Upon leaving Hollywood, we were surprised with a stop at Diddy Riese: a famous ice cream parlor, where you choose any type of cookie and any type of ice cream to form your own, personal ice cream sandwich! Deeeelicious!

It is now time for some swimming in the ocean and playing on the sand at La Jolla beach. We are all very excited for upcoming activities in San Diego and are ready to continue our camping adventures in California.

Hope all is well back!

The Adventurer Team