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Meeting Madonna & The President – Ecuador & The Galapagos Community Service

¡Hola familias y amigos!We arrived safe, sound, and happy on Wednesday night to the beautiful country of Ecuador! We were warmly greeted by our bus driver, Freddie, and tour guide, Carlos, who told us a few fun facts about Ecuador as we headed to our hotel for a good night’s rest.

We began Thursday with a trip to the center of the world, known as “la mitad del mundo”. Alex and Rebecca were challenged to physical feats by a guide at “la mitad”. We also tried our hand at balancing eggs and walking in straight lines with our eyes closed which is much more difficult than one might think due to the reduced effect of gravity at the equator!

We then drove to a beautiful vista of Pululahua, a giant crater surrounded by clouds. It was a great last stop before heading to our first tasty Ecuadorian lunch.

Later in the afternoon, we had the chance to spend some time near a gigantic statue of Madonna (not the singer). There were lots of children playing soccer and locals selling hand-made souvenirs. We even had the chance to snap pictures of the Andes from an unbelievable height.

Community Service

Just before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, we toured the historical city of Quito. It was an unbelievable experience, filled with lively music, colorful decorations , and even a sighting of the President of Ecuador himself! Jake got a Quito flag to remember the momentous occasion.

We went to dinner at a lovely restaurant overlooking all of the historic district before doing some group bonding activities and heading to sleep.

Thursday was filled with community service and good feelings. At the orphanage, we were divided up into three teams, two of which were in charge of painting and sanding some buildings.

The other group helped make delicious bread which we all got to try at the end of the day. After a nice buffet lunch, we all enjoyed playing with the kids. They taught us many games, including the Ecuadorian version of “duck, duck, goose”. Ethan and Dani were having tons of fun with the Ecuadorian children playing “mono en el medio” (monkey in the middle).

Tonight we relaxed with a tasty dinner overlooking the main square of the Mariscal neighborhood where we’re staying, then finished out the evening with a few fun games. We also started to prepare for our talent show at the senior home in a few days which is going to be tons of fun.

¡Hasta luego!

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