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Maui Here They Come – Hawaii Community Service

Aloha from Hawaii Community Service!

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The last five days have been exciting and busy.  On the Fourth of July, we visited Pearl Harbor where Allison, Anthony, and I got personalized autographs and pictures of the survivors.  Later that evening we ate dinner at the Hard Rock Café and then went to the beach to see the fireworks – they were amazing!  Navigating and locating places on the map is Nick’s thing so he has officially been named the navigator of our trip.  We don’t know what we would do without him!  Riding the waves is what Brandon, Patrick, and Anthony did on day eight when the group went to a Waterpark.  It was entertaining to watch the boys surf, smile, and yell our names while on one of the rides.

Building a home for a family in need is what H6 is currently working on with Habitat for Humanity.  Brielle really got into this and was assisting with putting up walls, hammering, and nailing the boards.  The group enthusiastically worked with Mick and the other site managers to ensure that the house was being built properly.  We are working side by side with the brother of the sister that owns the house.  Our trip members were pumped to see their accomplishments.  They actually put a wall up!  Mick was so proud of the group that he gave us t-shirts and aprons as souvenirs.

Hiking was the next adventure which was an amazing experience to get to see Diamond Head.  Many pictures were taken to capture the moment.  It was the most picturesque view so far this summer.  Later that day we spent time at a beach and then got to meet our newest addition to the family, JP.  We are thrilled to have him with us.  After eating dinner at a Greek Restaurant, the group went in teams of five to Glow in the Dark Mini Putt. Sporting glow in the dark pins and bracelets allowed for a festive feeling.   Scoring a significant amount of points, Jenna was able to take the lead in her team and surpassed the rest of the group.  Gabby was right behind her in second. 

Our group grows closer and closer and we cannot believe it has been 11 days already.  Rachel mentioned that she feels like we have known each other for a lifetime.  Maui here we come for more service and more fun!


Jennifer and the H6 Crew