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Maneuvering Around the Maze and Hitting Her Targets Effortlessly – California and the Canyons

California and the Canyons hits Las Vegas!

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Dear Parents:

What a past few days this has been! After leaving our UCLA dorms, we made our way to San Diego to immerse ourselves in the authentic California tradition of surfing. Everyone was impressed with the surfing facilities – the site had a TV turned to surfing movies, comfortable couches, and great food. But obviously everyone was anticipating the day ahead and was focused on catching some good waves. Every single trip member made it up with the help of our instructors. Some even got up solo and rode the waves all the way to the shore. Emily and Nicole surfed until the late afternoon, when everyone else was relaxing at the beach after the tiring sport.

After our surfing expedition, we checked in to our hotel and made our way to Islands Restaurant. Our authentic California experience did not end at surfing – we enjoyed fish tacos, refreshing salads, and Southwestern food for dinner!

We woke up the next day to the head off to the world famous San Diego zoo. We took a comprehensive tour of the zoo and saw a lot of exotic animals along the way. The Panda den and the Polar Bears were the top attractions. Sara got into the zoo spirit by getting her face painted.For our evening program, we had a very athletic night. We set up a game of Ultimate Frisbee and another game of Kickball. Elyse’s kickball pitches were top notch, but Matt and Robbie’s kicking skills led to a few homers and an overall victory for the team. On the Frisbee front, Danny scored enough touchdowns to secure a well fought win.

Afterwards, we got excited for the highlight of our evening- laser tag. The yellows were pitted against the blues in the end, and Allie led her team to victory as captain of the yellows. The yellow team’s overall score surpassed 90,000 – while this was not a record, the instructors were extremely impressed. Amanda also gets a notable mention for maneuvering around the maze and hitting her targets effortlessly.

Now we are all awaiting our next destination – Vegas Baby!

The California and the Canyons Crew