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Mama Rosa Welcomed Us With Open Arms and a Delicious Meal – Costa Rica Rainforest Language Immersion

Costa Rica Rainforest Language Immersion checks in from deep in the rainforest!

The Westcoast Blogger

Estimados familias,

¡Saludos desde Costa Rica! We thought we would take a break from our busy tour to update you on the progress of our adventures. We have returned from the Fonseca family homestead in the rainforest and are taking advantage of the ability to be more in touch with those back at home. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time in the rainforest and have definitely gained memories to last a lifetime.

The hike into the rainforest was strenuous yet fulfilling for all of us. Rebekah E., Rachel S., Ben S., and Andy M. lead the way as we hiked for 3 miles through primary and secondary forests. The vistas were breathtaking and all of us worked together to make it to the lodge.

Once we arrived we were met by the Fonseca family who helped us settle into our new home for the next 4 days. Mama Rosa welcomed us with open arms and a delicious meal. We needed this energy to complete all of the activities the following day. Arin G., Jenna S., and Amanda W. took it upon themselves to help Mama Rosa in preparing our dinner. Their cooking was delicious and their Spanish certainly improved as they communicated with Mama.

Melissa F. took things nice and slow and showed the group how true New Yorkers rappel down a water fall. Matt W. was a little less graceful in his attempt but made it safely to the bottom with a joke and his typical smile. Adam B. descended fearlessly looking like a true Costa Rican in his element. We all found the experience extremely gratifying and it was wonderful to see all of us cheering each other on.

We got a taste of zip line experiences in Costa Rica with a zip over the raging Savegre river. Dara S. successfully completed her first zip facing her fear of heights making us all proud. Gill F. also shone during this experience and we are all looking forward to a longer zip line experience later in our trip.

Next came climbing a 40 foot tree in the rainforest. Anna G., Adam W., and Rachel K. pushed themselves to their limit and climbed to the top successfully. Dan G. and Matt V. also made climbing a rainforest tree look easy and inspired cheers from their adoring fans below.

We left the rainforest lodge with new friends in the Fonseca family, and an appreciation for the simpler things in life. All of us took time to reflect on the importance of taking time to talk to each other without technology, playing silly yet fun games to pass the time, and the connections created within our group in the presence of an extremely special and happy family. We were all sad to go, and will surely remember our experience in the rainforest for a long time to come.

¡Pura Vida!

Jen and Bryan