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Making a Difference with Habitat for Humanity – Community Service Costa Rica

The first day of service at Habitat for Humanity was an amazing experience; the trip members worked very hard, and practiced a ton of Spanish with the local kids.Allie F., Emma, Sarah L,. Amanda, Jamie R., Dylan, and Jamie We., got to work immediately, moving large rocks out of the road, and were joined in seconds by the children of one of the families who were soon to be home-owners. The kids got right to work helping our members move the biggest stones, and trying to move the heavy wheelbarrow down the inclined road – the effect of this assistance was incredible, the members sense of purpose wad established and everyone worked amazingly hard. The local kids enjoyed our presence as much as we enjoyed theirs.


Courtney and Ariel worked hard with big smiles digging holes for lamp-posts, while Taylor and Jamie Wa. started a new hole up the road.Rebecca L. and Allie Y. established an effective teamwork system with Jessica and Rebecca K., as they had to share tools between their two tasks, while Mel and Sarah G. worked closely prepping a house for move in.


We were tasked with digging a septic system for three new homes, and Kyle (the birthday boy), Jake Si., and Jake A. worked as a fine-tuned team removing the large embedded stones from the ground and removing soil. Jake Sa., Seth, Reid, and Adam, kept a positive demeanor, and worked as a fine tuned team joking with one another.We celebrated Kyle’s birthday by decorating his door and his chair with balloons and having a ‘birthday crown’ for him in the morning, and had a cake for him after dinner. Everyone sang him ‘Happy Birthday’ (more than once!) and signed a Spanish birthday card for him. In the evening we played Family Feud with a few twists; Sarah L.hilariously opposed the rule switches, as she claimed she was a Family Feud expert! Adam, Mel, Dylan, and Rebecca L. took the win for the night by barely outwitting Emma, Jamie R., Sarah L., and Allie Y- but it was really the spirit points that put their team in the lead! They even did ‘the wave’ at one point in the audience! During the ‘hot seat’ round, there was a point when the question, “Name a car that people buy as a status symbol” was asked to Ariel and Rebecca L., and answered given were “A sports car,” and given the chance to steal, “A convertible,” was said… Needless to say, no points were won that round for either team.


Day two of service finished with a soccer game that the kids from the community participated in; it was such an amazing experience to just play with them. The whole project culminated with our saying a heartfelt goodbye to the family who would be living in one of the homes we helped to build, which was very impactful. We ended the day with some laughs by trying to teach the children Westcoast’s “move” that every trip was tasked to do in amazing places – we felt that Habitat for Humanity’s site in Costa Rica lived up to that requirement.


That evening we played a trivia game based around the holiday we were celebrating: Independence Day! Emma, Jake A., Sarah L., Jamie R., Jessica, Allie Y., Ariel, and Taylor (team Mojo) our reigning trivia champions, took home the win once again, but the other teams won spirit points by singing rousing renditions of “god bless the USA” and pledging allegiance to the flag. That’s all for now!

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