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Magnificence & Beyond!- California & the Canyons

The Vegas lights may have been memorizing, but Utah was magnificent 24/7! From Zion Park to Bryce Canyon, the views only got grander…until the Grand Canyon and I guess technically that needs to be the grandest one of all according to its name. During our time in Utah, California & the Canyons competed in a color war! Jamie and Daniel S. headed up the blue team, while Kyle B. and Maddie H. lead the white team (to victory)!!! Shelby, Jordan and Carly bravely stepped forward to compete in a jumbo watermelon competition, although with a little help from Charlie, Kyle W. ate the winning slice in record time!

The day of games ended with team performances and Jack truly stole the show. He performed a solo rap to start the blue team’s performance and had the audience engaged at every rhyme. Regardless of who won, the most important part of the day is that Jamie got her cake…and the crumbs…and the icing!

Arizona bound! The hot air became dryer and water bottles more relied on. We fought the heat like absolute champs and shed our rookie title! After a night in Flagstaff, it was time to ride in style through to the beautiful town of Sedona. Pink jeeps stormed through the rough terrain as we saw picture perfect views. John Roger, one of the tour guides and drivers, even sang some Miley Cyrus to us as we rode on through. Very entertaining! But Sedona was only a stop on the way to our final destination- Scottsdale!
California & the Canyons
Jared clearly has been to Dave & Busters before. Was it 7000 tickets he won? We lost track after 3000 and knew things were getting serious. As for the rest of the group, fluffies for all!!! Despicable Me unicorn pillows stormed our bus after a night of fun games – the perfect aid for sleeping on the upcoming plane rides!

Oh no…already? What? We just started!!! Our last day of the trip came around far to fast. No one was ready to come home. Our final lunch together consisted of creamy, cheesy goodness…in cake form. The Cheesecake Factory!!! Who even cares about the (what seemed like) bottomless entrées, once the cakes hit the scene everyone was in their seats and taking it in. So delicious!

Some much needed downtime before “the big night” as Jack would say, took place at our hotel’s beautiful pool. Prep for banquet consisted of borrowing clothes, doing each other’s hair and even some make up… and don’t get me started on the girls!

Everyone looked fresh for the occasion! Photo shoots overhauled the lobby. California & the Canyons , a group of celebrities! After a nostalgic look at a picture slideshow of the trip and the most sincere gift giving to our special addition to the trip, Roger the bus driver, California & the Canyons danced all night…literally.

By 3 a.m. it was time…goodbyes were impossible so it helped that some trip members were already planning a reunion. We all took deep breaths and hugged our new friends. California & the Canyons turned into a close family after these three weeks and the memories made will always be ones filled with laughter and smiles. We miss everyone already and hope the end of summer is a blast! Good luck in the upcoming school year. You are all the most amazing individuals who your staff feel privileged to have met!

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