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Loving London! – European Discovery

As the trip members walked into the airport for their very first meet and greet in London – this overwhelming positive and enthusiastic energy was no doubt in our minds visible for the whole airport to see. While half our trip leaders and trip director patiently stood with the Westcoast greeting signs, the first new comers; Antonio, Carlos, Aaron, Gabe and Will finally arrived. They entertained us while we waited with excitement by cracking jokes and keeping Jennifer (one of our trip leaders) company by the gates before the rest of the gang showed up.

Watching our entire group arrive and walk through those two landing doors was an unforgettable feeling. At that exact moment, we knew this was going to be the best summer and month of their lives!

After grabbing a quick bite to eat and relax for a bit, as a group we topped off the first ‘Londay’ experience on the London Eye. Wow! This was the exact icing on the cake that we all needed from an exhausting trip to London. We are proud to say that Ryan Z. faced his fear of heights by joining us on the second highest ferris wheel in the world. Yay –Ryan you did it! Jason K. was overheard saying that the London Eye was one of the best experiences I have ever had. That was what I was looking forward to most on the trip!!

Day two couldn’t come soon enough! Boy did we ever have a full day ahead of us! The day started with Liz (our London tour guide) – cracking jokes and entertaining, then off to The Buckingham Palace! Will said that the Buckingham Palace was an architectural masterpiece and the guards were hilarious! Back onto the bus then off to the Tower of London. “ Visiting the Tower of London was a blast and seeing the crown jewels was cool! Sightseeing with Liz was an interesting yet fun experience because I got a chance to see so much of the city.” Was how Gabe summed up his London City tour experience. Time for dinner at the Hard Rock Café where we sang out loud to ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi and ate like kings and queens. Mykah felt that going to the original Hard Rock Café was a blast. The music was just as good as the food and it brought our entire group together. Then off to see the incredible Billy Elliott! What a show! The dancing was not only phenomenal but brought tears to some eyes in the audience. Michelle was tearing up a storm and loving every second of it! Loved being able to share the experience sitting next to her- Jennifer shared with a giant smile on her face. Aaron had to definitely give credit to the dancers. They didn’t stop all night!

Last but not least, the day before we hit the road and set sail for Amsterdam, we finished our London experience sightseeing London. First browsing around Harrods, the legendary department store where you can buy everything from an egg to an elephant, then off to Piccadilly circus and Carnaby Street. Lindsay stated that “Carnaby Street was the most amazing street with all of the cool street performers and cute little shops.”

At the end of the night, most of our trip members wanted to end the night by the big screens watching the World Cup soccer game and as for the other half – they finished the evening playing games and bonding.

Enjoy and expect to hear from us after our journey in Amsterdam!

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