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Looks Like A Photograph – Backpack Greece, the Islands, & Italy

We arrived in Sivota and immediately started to soak in the sunny Greek weather. We spent our first morning in Greece relaxing by the pool, playing tennis and volleyball, and enjoying Greek salads at the poolside. Mackenzie, Claudia, and Kelly hung out in the pool while Ally, Emily, Abbe, and Carly started a game of tennis down below. Meanwhile, Hunter, Sara, Zach, Joe, Sam, and Hannah played volleyball. Seth and Jason introduced the group to “European volleyball,” played exclusively with your feet, knees, and head. For lunch, many of us enjoyed our first authentic Greek salad, as well as soft bread and tzatziki. Zach noted, “The food was quite delicious,” only rivaled perhaps by the beautiful scenery. That afternoon, we walked down the road to a small beach framed by crystal-clear water and picturesque cliffs. Gillian explained, “Sivota was amazing! It looked like a movie set or a photograph!”
Backpack Greece, the Islands, & Italy
Our next day in Sivota was jam-packed with exciting water activities. In the morning, we put on our water shoes, teamed up in pairs, and hopped into sea kayaks to begin our sea adventure. Julia, Claudia, and Savannah were MVPs of the sea kayaking, showing off their strength and impressive rowing skills. We jumped out of our kayaks for a quick swim at a white-pebbled beach. Photo pros, Emily, Lauren, Ally, Hannah, and Carly are all in the running for best beach Instagram of the trip. After kayaking, we stopped by the hotel for another delicious Greek lunch and then headed back out to another beach for an afternoon of skiing, tubing, swimming, and hanging out with friends. According to Lauren, “Tubing was a blast! I had the best time of my life. P.S. Hi Mom!” Mitchell loved tubing and hanging out at the beach. Kelly, Robin, Mackenzie, Jess, and Nikki never wanted to leave the water. Everyone had a great time on the tubes, and Paige exclaimed that the day of water sports was her favorite day so far. We all enjoyed Sivota and are sad to leave the beautiful, quaint town.

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