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Look What We Accomplished-Community Service Costa Rica

Hola from Costa Rica!

The trip started off with a blast as we settled into the beautiful lodge in Heredia called La Condesa.  Atop the Monte de la Cruz, we enjoyed watching the thunder and lighting storms down over San Jose as we set ourselves to Tico Time.  Day two dawned and brought us out of town into the jungles and mountains surrounding the Central Valley so we could experience waterfall rappelling.   Bravely climbing into the harness, Lexi was the first one of the group to walk backwards off the top of a an over 220 foot waterfall,  rappelling down (and through!) a waterfall on only the second day in Costa Rica!  The views of the rainforest and mountain ridges were gorgeous from the top and everyone made it down safely.  Lloyd was stoked when he looked up to see how far they had come and David and Abby made great cheerleaders from the bottom!  We grabbed some lunch from a mountain top restaurant and had a traditional meal including rice, beans, fried bananas and salad.  Back at La Condesa, Nick, Anthony and Daniel washed off with a relaxing dip in the hot tub spa at the resort.  After catching our breath from a busy day, we got back into the Tico experience by learning Latin dance steps with a couple of local guides.  Learning the Barracha and the Salsa steps was a challenge, but everyone was in smiles.  Jack and Jessica loved it and showed off their new steps to the group and guides; everyone was impressed! Now we are out in Bolanos Bay by La Cruz and beginning our service work tomorrow with Habitat for Humanity.  Bolanos Bay is tranquil and beautiful; a perfect place to sit by the pool and play cards with Brooke, Lola, and Sarah.  That is it for now; we are looking forward to celebrating Alison’s birthday and our first day of service!

Buenos noches from Costa Rica!
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