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Local Celebrities! – Community Service Costa Rica

Costa Rica Community Service Group Photo

¡Hola y Buenos Dias!

Wednesday, we arrived at the local primary school to gather supplies and were treated to an unexpected show including traditional songs and dances by the local kindergartners.  Several trip members handed out baseballs to the students, who immediately sought out autographs from the new “local celebrities!” In addition to teaching kids English, Jon and Carly R. worked with the local contractors to level ground for a new classroom and a library!

Costa Rica School
After song and dance, the kids broke off into teams to sand the entire house, prepare the walls for painting, and finally, paint the interior and exterior walls. The team of Steven, Jamie, Lexi, Rachel, Jackie, Sam, Anna and Alexa worked tirelessly all morning to sand the house, and prepare the walls for the afternoon painting session. After their laborious morning, those trip members rotated to the school and continued teaching English to the local students. Jamie and Jackie taught the 3rd graders English vocabulary with entertaining games and puzzles, while Sam and Ben hosted a “field day,” consisting of relay races and funny games.  Over our 3 days, trip members made strong and lasting connections with the local students, relating with them via educational and entertaining activities.

Meanwhile, painting at the house progressed at an unbelievable rate. The exterior walls were painted ocean blue, and accented by delicate red and black brick work by Raina and Risa.  The interior was coated with a white cream color, emitting a cozy and warm feeling. The blue and red/black accented exterior, coupled with a beautiful mountain landscape, will make a beautiful home for this lucky and appreciative family.

Thursday, we left Puriscal behind, and navigated our way to the Jungle!! Our next nights would be spent in a Costa Rican National Park, surrounded by hot springs, zip lines, mud baths and watering holes.

We immediately (and excitedly) geared up for our afternoon of zip lining among the canyons, rivers and jungle upon arriving in the jungle.  The team listened to a safety briefing, and then one by one strapped into the zip line and commenced their journey. We zigged and zagged between rock formations, around waterfalls and over a winding river. Carly S. blurted out she felt like she was in a movie!!

Friday morning, we hiked a beautiful waterfall and local swimming hole. The cool water was welcoming, and the group wasted no time jumping in. Ben, Alexa, Jackie, Steven, Michael and David explored a rock canyon, taking turns playing in the rushing water. Cassidy and Grace took amazing photos under the waterfall with an underwater camera!

Our afternoon was reserved for a relaxing – and exfoliating – in the mud bath. The 90 minute process consisted of time in the sauna, covering oneself in mud, “baking” in the sauna, and soaking in the warm pools.  The process culminated with a refreshing and nourishing dip in the cold tub! David and Michael enjoyed it so much they completed the process twice!!!

Today we are headed to the beach! Eager to learn and/or enhance our surfing skills on Flamenco beach!

¡Pura Vida!

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