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Lobby the Lobster and the Eastcoast Encounter

An update from the Eastcoast Encounter!

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Hello! Welcome to the first update on the Eastcoast Encounter trip! So far the trip has been fantastic. Matt and Lauren led the bus trip from New York to Boston and Amanda, Sam, and Drew were in Boston picking teens up from the airport. We had two campers arrive in Boston a day early from their long journeys, Kate from California and Marta P. from Spain. They helped us welcome campers at the Boston Airport on the first day of the tour! We made colorful Westcoast Connection signs to greet incoming flyers!

As an icebreaker, we had a rock, paper, scissors tournament to see which camper would be champion! The finals came down to Laura and Carly, with Carly taking the throne.

The trip has adopted the Bostonian lifestyle by staying right by the Charles River in the beautiful red brick Shelton hall on Boston University’s campus. We have great views of the river, and so far the BU staff has been extremely welcoming!

At the end of the first day we started a new trip 61 tradition. We awarded Brenna with Lobby the Lobster! Our trip’s stuffed animal that will join us in pictures, events, and the entire tour. Brenna was awarded Lobby for day two for her enthusiasm in the airport and her overall upbeat energy on the first day. We look forward to seeing who else will take good care of Lobby!

Also, trip 61 took 2 boats for our duck tour of Boston, Nicole B., Kate and Alyssa got to drive in the orange duck, and Alex, Max, and David got to drive the pink boat vehicle for us in the water. Even though it was raining on the tour, it was still fun because of our guest drivers steering the boats!

The tour went to Shear Madness on the evening of day two. Coincidentally actor Chris Elliot was in the audience!  All this happened and much more in only the first two days! We are excited for everything to come, and the teens are all making new friends quickly!

Drew and the trip 61 staff!

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