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Lobby the Lobster and Murtle the Turtle – Eastcoast Encounter

The Eastcoast Encounter makes some daring remarks!

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Dear Parents of Eastcoast Encounter:

Our trip is officially the most burly Westcoast Connection tour! We finished four days of camping in Maine, learning how to set up and take down tents as well as preparing meals for the group. Perri has been found in the kitchen continuously because of how much she enjoys preparing food.  Allen has been a great help in the set up and take down of the tents.

But the real adventure was biking the famous Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park, kayaking along the coast, completing the ropes courses, and whitewater rafting down the Kennebec River.  All of these adventurous activities got us laughing and working closely together as a team.

On the 4th of July we watched the fireworks show in Bar Harbor. The show was great, and it was neat to explore the quaint little town. We also celebrated the holiday by having a delicious lobster feast.

Recently our mascot “Lobby the Lobster” has been awarded to campers of the day to Shelly, Jordan, Jessi, Mason, Carly, and Nicole S.  Look out for pictures of Lobby on Bunk1.

We have started a new ongoing game called where’s Murtle!  Murtle is a rock who is stealthily passed around from camper to camper. Whoever has Murtle gets to decorate him and pass him along in secret fashion. We discover where he is by tracing his tracks of who he’s been with.  Murtle went from Julia to David.  Julia passed on Murtle to David by placing it in his front backpack pocket.   It’s another one of our trip bonding games.

We are now in the Village of Mont Tremblant staying in luxurious condos at the Lodge de la Montagne. So far the trip is going very well! We look forward to the next update.

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The Eastcoast Encounter Staff